NuEnergy and FreeEnergy missing posts

August 5, 2016

Below is a collection of posts that I missed while dumping the NuEnergy and FreeEnergy Yahoo group archives before. Again, some of these are very interesting ones, e.g. Don’s fluorescent tube device, being one of his many inventions…
(for those who prefer a MS Word version, you can download it here)


Dennis Lee’s OU motor Generator
hummingbirdDon Smith
Here is a recent photograph of a unit that works Correctly.
Notice that the charges do not state that the Unit does not perform.
This is because the Attornery General has knowledge that it does.
The charges by the Kentucky Attorney General are pure Elephant Pooh Bureaucracy.
looking at the pictures, it looks similar to the device on your website listed as device 20 and 21. Is this because it works on the same principle as yours?
Don Smith
They do look alike. They are very different in constructionand method of function. The motor/generator of Lee requires a 40 Hp electric motor to make go and yields about 180% return. Mine uses a milliwat motor and each pair of coils gets 1000 Volts at 50 Amperes. Lee’s is about 3 feet high and mine is 14 inches. The inventor of the Lee Device lives at Houma, Louisiana. He is an Electrical Engineer with all credentials. My device has 8 set of coils, each set is a separategenerator ( eight sets ). The coil sets come together at a buss bar for a composite output which is regulated by a speed control. Mine is fully self sustainable. Mine runs off of a 12 Volt, 7 1/2 Amp Hr self recharging battery. Lee’s starts from a conventional electrical source.
John Homontowski
Are you a dealer of United Community Services of America. I am. I’m looking at you emails about Genisus too. I need to get more money moving.
Don Smith
John,  no  am  not  a  dealer.   There  are  a  half  dozen  or  so  Devices  out  there that  work  as stated.  I  have several  of  my  own  which  are  simpler  than  the others.  I  do  not  sell  directly, only  through  companies  that are  already  long established  in a  related  industry.
Andrew King
Hi Don,
Is your motor on your website? If so, what is the address?
Don Smith
Go  to  Lycos  search  Engine,   enter  and  photos  are  near  the  end of  the  list.

Re: info MAgnetic resonance power system follow uo
Mikael Bi
Dear Mr Smith,
thank you very much for the diagram of the Magnetic power system for water systems following the Houston meeting.
………………. [PORTION OF TEXT DELETED]……………….
Do you have any observation and recommandation to make work this ssytem the most efficiently as possible?
Don Smith
Mikael  please  go  to   where  You  can   download a  copy  of  a nonelinear electronic’s   schematics  program  with  which   You can   switch  and  play   with   componets  and   see  the results  on   vertial instruments  included  as  a  part  of  the   program.
Mikael Bi
It seem to be difficult to create the type of coil in this software, how do you succed to enter the stainless steel core and the special coil in the design?
Don Smith
Mikael,   there  are  three  basic  types  of   devices,  inductors,  capacitors and  resistors.  Then  there  are variations  from  these.  Of  the  thousands of  devices  in  the  software  inventory  including  sold  state  and other the  physical  activity  is  part  of  the  computers  knowledge  base.  Experimentally  build  several  of  the specilized  cores  with  the windings  and  measure  the  inductance,  capacitance  and  resistance with  various windings  and  frequencies  to  determine  the  information which  you  will  add  to  coil  system  information upon importing Your  Coil  system  into  the  software  as  a  new  or  not  previously cataloged   component.   Hope  this helps.   Rember  the  metal  core must be  high  magnetic  permeability  which  always  has  extream resistance  to electrical  flow.  Remember  You  are  doing  the magic  on  the  magnetic  side  of the  equation.   Good  Luck.


Mark Ross / Don Smith
very interesting website. Thank  You!
Question: What’s the point?
The  wakening  up  of  persons  such  as  Yourself  to  the  fact  that special  interest  are  not  doing what’s  best for  humankind.
Question: Do you have anything for sale? If so, what items? And what is the cost of such things and what do they do?
Yes  many  things  for  sale,  world  wide.  The  examples  shown on  the  web  site  are  more  than  10 years  out of date. Bad chemistry  that  exist  in  the   US  regarding  such  resulted  in  my  working  from  the  inside  with  large multibillion  $  Companies  of  which  I  control  the  majority  interest.  The  technology  is  being  included unannounced in  various  items  in  wide  distribution  presently. One  morning when   You   wake  up  the  World will  no  longer  be  the  same  World  You  know. Will  name  only  one  item  and  answer  Your Question  as regards  to  it !   Light  bulbs  that  cost  the same  as  those  already  available,  which  last  for  more than 20,000  hrs.,  emit  special  frequencies  not  harmful  to humans, which  destroy  all  known  virus’s  and  include  most  of  the well  known  incurable’s  present,  such  as  aids,  cancer, hepatitis  and  many  more.   The  cost  is  about  if  not  less ordinary  light  bulbs.   More  than  5  million  of  these  are already  in  use.   The  light  bulb  is  one  of  several  hundred items  in  progress.   For  peace  of  mind,  yes  I  physically have  some  of  the  bulbs  and  they  work  as  stated. Most  of  the  people  who  have the  bulbs  are  not  aware of  their  true  nature.
Hope  I  answered  Your  questions?  I  know  this  will  startle You, but  there  is  no  other  way.
Robin van Spaandonk
Mild surprise would be nearer the mark. Where can I buy one of these bulbs, and what is the brand name?
Robin van Spaandonk
Don Smith
Robin  if  You  can  tell  me  the  voltage  and  cycles  per  second  being  used. I  will  see  if   My Tokyo  Office  can arrange  some  free  samples. They  will  also  need  a  mailing  address.  If  all goes  well,  mid  to late January  You will  have them.
Have  a great  day,   Don  Smith


UPDATE: Motionless Battery Shock Charger
William Alek
Unfortunately, during my tesing of the two output coils shown as the two blue coils this morning, I discovered both coils are electrically shorted to the Metglas c-cores. My FREE ENERGY output is effectively being shunted away! – MAJOR BUMMER!!! I will have cut away the two blue coils, carefully put down a heavy electrically insulating layer, then rewrap my coils. This will cause a 1 week delay! 🙁
Robin van Spaandonk
I thought Metglas was an insulator?
Robin van Spaandonk
Those Metglas cores are quite conductive as I found out.
Robin van Spaandonk
It seems you are correct. I am surprised. I also found this, which I thought you might find useful:
Robin van Spaandonk
Don Smith
Robin,  you  are  correct  MetGlas  is  a  maximum  insulator.  I  use  all  the  time,  you  don’t  have MetGlas. Happy  New  Year,    Don  Smith
The  bulbs  I  presently   have  are  100  V  at  55  cycles  for  the  Tokyo market. Factory  puts  out one  million  per  month  and  they  sell  quickly  at   equivalent  of  US  $60.   Don’t   worry,  the ones which  will  be  sent  to  You  are  free.    Supposed  to  have  some  which   You  can  use  probably mid January.
Don Smith
MetGlas  has  extreame  permeability  to  the  magnetic  field,  not  DC.  That’s  why  it’s  special uses make  it attractive. General  Electric  bought  the  Patents  from   Allied-Signal  about  2  years  ago. They  apparently relized  that  it could change  the  market  as  relates  to  energy.   All  my  MetGlas is  prior  to  GE’s  takeover.  I have  copies  of  the  original patents  which  confirm  what  I  say.  The ones  on  file  at  the  Patent  Office probably  have  been  tampered  with  since GE  is one  of  the Governments  Industry  Partners  who  has  complete  run  of  all  the  confidential  files,  including removing  them  from  the  Patent  Office  and  losing  them  if  necessary.   I  know  this  happens,  I have had  the  Patent Office  do  it  to  me.    ( see the  file  listed  below,  for  the material  here discussed )
Happy  new  Year,       Don  Smith

Honeywell Metglas (continuation of the above discussion)
Don Smith

Hi Don,

The picture I showed is a Honeywell Metglas c-core:

The part number is AMCC-500.

The outer layer of the core is very conductive, however, between Metglas layers is an insulator. I had weak insulation between the core and the coil, and the coil shorted to the core. I had nearly zero resistance when touching the meter probes between the core and the coil, and a bizarre looking scope trace when measuring across the blue coils.

Both blue coils are now removed and I placed a think layer of insulation around my core. It will take a few days to hand wind these blue coils again.


Don Smith
They  put  a  metal  band  around  the  core  to  hold  it  together,  which  is  not  the  metglas material. The insulator  seperator  material  also makes  the  core  a  form  of  capacitor.  Half  the  energy  is usually  thrown out as  waste  which  ashures  under  unity.  With  the  ( C  = Joules )  and  ( I = Amperes )  both  retained You  are  on Your  way.    See    first paragraph  for  the  formula. The  pump  speed  rate ( CPS )  then  becomes  ( times  spin  reversed  ) becomes  very  important. That  why  what  You  are  using  makes  a  great  difference. 


Re: missing two from the pile (excerpt from Keelynet)
Jerry Decker
Hi Eric et al!
I noticed you DON’T have two others listed;
Don Smith – from Spring, TX (near Houston), claims to have a coil based circuit that he originally claimed tapped into Van Allen belt radiation to generate megawatts of electricity. Sells them for about $2000, claims big companies all over the world sell them for him, but none in the US or anything that can be tracked…claims he is on the board of big companies everywhere, etc. ad nauseum…
contact (photo is about 30 years ago..<g>..);
Tim Harwood – claims to have duplicated and improved on the Adams motor and discovered his self-named ‘Harwood Effect’ – Adams will have nothing to do with him…
His goal;
Mission statement for the Adamsmotor Egroup: To becomes the world’s premier forum for building cheap simple over-unity devices that work… and in case you missed it in SciAm, New Scientist, Physica D etc. (what a HOOT!) ;
‘This was the first place cheap, simple, off the shelf, cold current plans were first published, and no-one can take that away from me. This website was also the first one to explain time reversal to the general public. I have made my mark on the scientific community, I am happy with that.’
and of course you already have the Bapman….good going…you seem to know about it already but check out for more goodies…
Hi Folks!
In case you haven’t seen it spammed over the net, I thought you would get a kick out of just how crazy some of the scamsters are….do you remember smarmy, untrustworthy Dr. Smith on Lost in Space, excellent photo at;
Does it bear similarity to the (very old picture, probably 30 years old and chubbied up) 2000 edition ‘Dr.’ Smith at;
so who says Physiognomy is dead?…<g>….
Here is the latest insanity sent to me on Sunday 04/07/02 from ‘Dr.’ Smith, and my name must be ‘Professor’ Decker…yeah, thats the ticket!!!…here in Mexico we call that ‘border promotions’ where coming across the border TO Mexico you suddenly have all kinds of prestige and credentials where you were a janitor in the states…<g>….haven’t joined in that game but its funny to catch people in their own web of lies….like the following craziness… sure to HOLD HIM TO IT!!!
from the mind of ‘Dr. Smith’….that’s about all there is to it, mental…oh, and I cleaned up some of the totally bizarre formatting, I left the spelling and linguistic errors, after all he claims to be a ‘Dr.’….and I just HAD to insert comments…
(Response from Don in red and further comments from Decker in black)
Permission  to  Post  and   Repost  to  all   discussion   Groups.
Out  of Context  information, being  incomplete  should   always  be stated, in  My Opinion,  not as  God’s  word. Casting  stones  should  never become a  full  time  occupation,  since  nature allows  two  way  trips. This  is something  that  the  Middle  East  and  Others have  not  yet  become  aware of.   Each  side assumes they are  the chosen   and  therefore  the stones are  allowed  only one  way  trips. Should  the stone be  returned  they  become  highly agitated.
The  single  item  that  defines a criminal  mind  is  their  choice between constructive  and  destructive  behavior.
My  advise  is,  unless  one  knows  correctly,   what  he  is  talking about, he  should  always say  in  My  Opinion  at  let  the  World  judge the appropriateness.
In  regards to Jerry  Decker’s  Opinions  of  Individuals,  they  frequently are  intentional  fornication’s  of  a  sick  mind.   This  tells  Us  that Decker has  a  very  low  self  esteem  which  requires  putting  down others  as a  means  of  self  gratification.
yep, that ‘tells US’…nailed it, thank you ‘Dr.’ Sybil & mental ‘friends’….
It  is  appropriate  to  lift  some  one  who   has  stumbled  and  sit them on  track,  with  a  helpful,  not  malicious  intent.  Lifting people  who do  not  stumble  is  folly  and  can  result  in  a  black eye.
“tapped  into  Van Allen Belt  radiation”   This  is  My   Beam  Energy System which  works  exactly  like  the  down beaming  being  done  by NASA  and Japan.  The  difference  being  I  use  an  ionized  upward  beam which much  provides  any  desired  amount  of  useful  electrical  energy. It uses  the energy  gradient  going  upward  towards  the  Radiation belts.
sure it does, proven worldwide with major news media reports about it…NOT! I love GOOD science fiction…this ain’t it…..though it is FICTION…
“Sells  them  for about  $2000”   The  answer  here  is  an  absolute  no! The  devices  are  licensed  to  large  international  companies  in exchange for  between  25  and  50 %  of  the  net  income  derived  from the  contract. In  order  to maintain  the  license  certain  requirements, in  part  being commercial  viability  must  be maintained  with  minimum periodic  income pre  stated.  Also  50 %  of  the  controlling  shares goes  into  My International  Trust.
sure they are, look at the NAMES of all those companies…woops, he FORGOT to name anything that could be CHECKED ON…well fancy that???
The  Devices  (many)  are  presently  hidden  inside other  Devices  such refrigerators  and  other  appliances,  other  power Systems  which  are considered  as  commonplace.  Automobiles  are in  progress  as  well  as many   other  items.
WOW, trojan horses in the mind of ‘Dr.’ Smith and where might anyone BUY or check out ANY of these claims, NOWHERE unless you can trip into the fantasies using some kind of mind link that would work on a shriveled brain, as they have no PROOF of existing in reality…only more bogus claims…
At  present  time  factories which  I  control  are  located  in  Japan, Korea  and  several  large  Cities in   Mexico.   The  object  is  to  make My  Devices  commonplace  before most  of the  World  finds  that  It  has been  using  them  all  along.
Sure, let me know some of the factories in Mexico, I will most certainly drive over and check them out to report on your claims, but then that will NEVER happen, that you would EVER provide names, dates, places or anything that can be validated and checked out….more BS…
For  Your  information  I  have  a  special  light  bulb  which  produces negative  ions  and  uses  the  Hulda  Clark Frequencies.  There  are many large  user’s.  The  largest  being  Japan.  About  one  million  bulbs  per month  are sold  there  at  the  equivalent  of  $60. US  each. My  factory in Korea  will  top  out  at  about  5  million  bulbs  per month.
sure you do…and where can ANYONE buy these lightbulbs..oh, no sources?? exactly what frauds do, make claims they cannot and will not support…
Am presently d dealing   with  the  Mexican  Government  for  several factories to  be  located  in  the nicer parts of  that  Country.  These bulbs  are constructed  to  last  100,000  hrs  each  and use 80%  less energy.
sure you are, how about some names to verify any of this?? oh, can’t provide that anywhere…oh yeah, ‘proprietary’ great excuse….
Stay  out  of  things  of  which  You  have  no  comprehension  and continue that  which  You  do  best  and  the World  will  be  a better place.
as long as ‘Dr.’ Smith and his cohorts keep making claims that they cannot and will not back up with REAL DEVICES, many of us will be tracking just your scams and reporting them to the wary public, of course there are so many on the net who have either fallen for your lies and not realized they will NEVER see any of your claims come to reality, that can be purchased, tested, verified or otherwise proven….but thats how scam artists work, they puff up people with sensational claims and then sell them bogus plans or a bogus video or ‘book’….with hooks in them to sell other items such as Tesla coils, etc…which ‘might’ help them achieve what the inventor claims, which of course NEVER HAPPENED except in their own feeble and scamming brains…thanks for the information that we can check on in the future…your claims have NEVER been true BEFORE, are not true NOW and will not be true in the FUTURE based on you and your cohorts many, many, MANY past statements, lies & claims that never were and never will be…SCAM ON should be your slogan!
Have  a  Nice  Day,        Dr.  Smith
Most certainly, thank you, ‘Dr.’ Smith, I had a very good laugh reading yet another series of hilarious untruths from your senescing brain…you still don’t realize how deep you dig yourself in by such ridiculous public claims…..have a wonderful day!

eScribe: KeelyNet: Message: [Keelynet] Re: missing two from the pile
(Don’s response to the above comments from Decker sent to NuEnergy group)
Don Smith
Latest in Soap Operas, just like the scandal sheet down at the corner Grocery. Will try to answer some of the questions in Your diatribe. That is if time permits, there were so many. My photo which seems to upset You so much was not 30 years ago, it was about ten years ago when I turned 70. All my health indicators show that there are many years left. I have a male relative that lives at Richardson, Texas who is 105 and just now needs glasses. He gets around like a 50 year old. The Beam Power System which troubles You has no Coils as You suggest. It’s extremely simple works exactly as stated. My Business Connections are just that and as such are mostly confidential. Home Depot is one of several Distributors for My products here in the US. I do not deal directly but through the appropriate channels. On the Bulbs, a minimum order is 400,000 units at wholesale $28. each, paid for by letter of credit up front with delivery in 90 days. We have dozens of such orders in hand at this time. My name does not publicly show up anywhere, with reason, such that troublemakers like Yourself are under control. Factories in Mexico are in Monterey, Guadalajara and northern side of Mexico City. My Patent filings, including WIPO are done at the Monterey Office of “Instituto Mexicano del al Propledad Industrial” since the US Patent Office is incompetent in such matters relating to My Devices. The NAFTA alliance requires that Patents of each member be honored as their own. With Geneva in pocket and Mexico, then the US has no leg to stand on, or choice in issuing a US Patent. My Japanese and Korean Patents are done at Tokyo. Am out of time so will answer Your other questions later.
Have a Great Day, Dr. Smith
Bruce A. Perreault


In my opinion it is best that you do not respond to the trash that is written over at the Decker list. He is just trying to draw more attention to himself by degrading others.


Democrat Implies Sept. 11 Administration Plot (
Don Smith

Please Post and Repost to all groups – – – –

Unfortunately all this is very true. Sandra Levy told two Senators the exact Plan around June, four months prior to 911. In last week of August all ( I mean all-all) the details were known inside Washington DC circles including by the President. The whole thing was staged by the Israelis in order to get the US involved in doing their dirty work. The Pilots of the Planes were the only one of their group that actually knew what was going to happen. They were paid by the Israelis. The Israeli News Services were picked up by the New York Police strategically placed and filming the whole thing from the start. They were celebrating as at a football game. To put it bluntly the Bush Family are all, from early CIA days a part of the Gangster Fraternity insider part of the Government. Manipulating History gives them their Kicks. All insider groups do this. In case You did not know Adolph Hitler and Joseph Stalin were both devout Roman Catholics. The Club of Rome decided there were too many people in Europe and WW II was an inside job intended to finish of any other church group that offended the Catholic Hierarchy of which there were several. The Diversity of the World and Roosevelt intentionally letting Pearl Harbor happen upset the Planned Catholiczation of the World. It’s interesting who decides what goes into the History Books. If You think the managed and mangled history planted in Schools and Universities is correct, It and everything else, it is heavily edited so only what they want known gets the light of day. By the way, the Bush people helped the Israelis plan the whole thing ( 911) prior to Levy leaking the information to the Senators who were already a part of the Plot, got her murdered by these same people. I have been a Washington insider since about 1940 so can speak with authority. In case You are wondering, I am a Republican ( ex Democrat ). ( Highly Conservative ).

Have A Nice Day, Don Smith

For Wizzard et al APS OPA – Panel on Public Affairs – Activity Report
Don Smith
Please  Post  and  Repost  as widely  as  Possible
Can  You  connect  up  in  any  way  the  JWD  nuscam  web  site with   any  of  the members  or  sub members  listed  with  this  group. They  are  known  to  have  programs  in  place  with  the  intent to  ridicule  and  discredit  those  they  feel  threaten  their  Dogmas. This  is  especially  true  of  any  Patent  issued  that they  do  not agree  with. 
             APS,  Washington  Office  ( Central  Office )
             529  14 th  Street  NW,  Suite  1050
             Washington,  DC   20045
Two  ex  Patent  Examiners,   Vallone  and  LaViolet  named Robert  Park   ( park@… )  as  one  of  the  principle trouble  makers  associated  with this  Group
APS  =   American  Physical  Society   ( Physics  Lobby )


Re: HUBBARD back to life??
dear Mr Don Smith,
Do you really have these coil sets working that well??  Did you research Alfred Hubbard too?
I am astounded – please tell me the latest.
Glenn R
Don Smith
The  Device  on  My  Web  Site  that  is  close  to   Hubbard  Device is  the   one in  the 1600’s   French  Hall  Chair.   It  was  originally  built   based  on  the Tesla  Photograph  showing  one  large coil   with  multiple  smaller  coils empowered from  the  flux  field  of  the  central   coil.   As  it turns  out   that  is  almost exactly  what  Hubbard’s Device  does.  The  theory  about  multiple copies from  the  same  flux  source  without  any  draw down  on  the original source  allows  self sustainable  Devices  is  correct.  The  magic  is in  the  magnetic  waves  as   a  catalyst, result  in duplicate  copies of   energy  present.  Since  electrons  present  at  point  A ( source ) do  not  travel to point  B  ( duplicate  output  )  additional  energy from  the  ambient  background  is  accessed. This  is  also  the case with  conventional  magnets  and  coil  systems.  All  access  the  Ambient background,  which  is  the  source of  electrical  energy.  The  Devices do   not  make  the  energy, they  collect it  in  all  cases.  That  Milk originates  from  a  bottle  mentality  of  the   Physics Community demonstrates  their  intentional  ignorance  when understanding energy  sources.
Have a  Nice  Day,     Don  Smith
Michel Bisson
Does your toroid coil is made of wiere speaker wire? How is it connect at the end?
Don Smith
Michel  this  file  answers  Your  Question,  it  is  from  My  CD “Don’s  Note  Book”  which You Have.   Heavy   speaker   wire is  choice  for coil  winding.   The  statement  about  200  try’s  is  just kidding,  actually  got  it  right on  first  try.
Have  a    Nice  Day,      Don   Smith


Radio Frequency Triggered Nuclear Energy (was Cosmic Ray News)
Robin van Spaandonk
Hi Bruce,
Robin van Spaandonk
Bruce A. Perreault
Wow! How did you find this jewel? This patent confirms that stable elements can be made to give up their energy by artifically induced decay via radiowaves. This patent is within the range that I have been working in! It adds some credibility to my research.
Many thanks
-Bruce A. Perreault
Robin van Spaandonk

Actually I didn’t, someone else found it a few years back, and posted it on one of the lists. I realised how important it was, and added it o my collection of interesting patents. BTW I have attached the html page on which I collect them. Perhaps you will find something else that you don’t have yet.

Robin van Spaandonk

Norman Bollinger
Wow – this is really cool.
It says you power it for about 30 seconds and it will supply power for 1 hour before another power cycle is needed.
And the material will last for 60 to 70 years.
It will provide 10 amps of 100-110 volts.
It does create radioactive emissions that are contained by the lead shield.
It weighs 25% of known wattage power devices.
Now – what happened to it since 1953-56?
Great find……
Don Smith
Here  is  where  a  good  working  knowledge  of  Chemistry   will   save Your  Life.  Two  of  the elements  listed when  used  together  constitute an  extremely  dangerous  explosive  device.  It would  evaporate  several square miles  with  ease.  Phosphorus  will  self  ignite  in  the  presence of any  oxygen.   Cobalt  is  extremely  unstable and  requires  special handling.  It’s  a  practical substitute  for  uranium  in  high  powered reactions.  It’s  My  opinion  that  the  Patent  Examiner had  no working  knowledge  of  Chemistry.  It  is  also  My  opinion  that when  they  actually  tried to  build  the  device  that  it  exploded and  did  much  damage.   If  One   must  build  it substitute other elements  such  as  thorium   for  cobalt   and  yet  to  be determined for  the phosphorus.   I have a  better  idea,  use  a  glass  tube  with gaseous  mixture  xenon,  radon,  krypton,  users  choice. The  basic device without  the  dangerous  material  mentioned.   One  of  the Devices  which I  built is  a  14″  florescent  light  bulb with  a 2 ” Diameter  by  10″  Length  B   and  W  coil,  10  TPI, placed   over  the  light  bulb   and   and  L-1  of   5 turns   centered  with a  9000  HV  module  input to  L-1  all  ran  by  a  12  V at  7  Ah  Gel  Cell  Battery.  This  is  a convenient  and  easy way  to  get into  the  gaseous  tube  electrical  generators. A  very  strong  Electrical  Dipole Develops  which substitutes for  a  very  large  battery.  The  setup  requires  storage such as  capacitors  and  an inverter  to be  useful.
Have  a  Nice  Day,        Don  Smith


Michel Bisson
Don Smith
Michel  it  looks  like  You  hit  pay  dirt  on  magnetostrictive  materials. The  code  numbers  on  this chart indicate  files  which  show  photos and  demos  and  other  information  used  by  the University  Physics Departments.   The  part  on  resonance  on  this  chart  relates  to  My  usage.
Take  Care,   Don  Smith 


The Tom Bearden Website
Don Smith
This is in part where Some of My Inventions hatched.
It’s something very Special and I recommend it Highly.
Have a Nice Day, Don Smith


Interesting Web Site
Don Smith
This is the same Joe Champion who did the Test Results controlling My Devices from 1200 miles away. Documentation is on Keelynet and the nusacam sites for those who doubt.


Earth’s Charge
Bruce A. Perreault
Bruce, the general mechanics mentioned in this article are more or less correct. As to lightening one strike is 10 trillion Volts at more than 200,000 amperes and there are more than 20,000 strikes per day world wide. Does that sound like microamps and insignificant amounts of electricity. This electrical process has been going on for more than 4 billion years for the Earth. It’s easy to count the strikes since where ever they are they reflect off the ionosfere. The National Weather Center at Denver keeps score on them. The Earth’s atmosphere contains enough electrical charge to spin the Earth, exactly as in a large motor. The weight of the Earth is a known, and the rotation rate known. Therefore the energy required for the motor action tells us the active electrical energy present, which is enormous. You can calculate it for Yourself. It’s the poney brake approach since You know the force that must be overcome. This is something which I have a very large amount of information and can be rightfully considered authoritative. The people at Lockhed sound like a 6 th grade science class, copying from an outdated Encyclopedia
Please put this with the file in question and questions are invited! Robin might like a copy of this.
Have A nice Day, Don Smith
Bruce A. Perreault
Yes, this is due to accumulated energy in the clouds that is dumped within milliseconds.
Nature shows us just how much energy that can be drawn into our radiant energy receivers with ourartificial capacitors. The lightning information is in my book. I will add it to the URL. I would also like to add additional information when time permits.
-Bruce A. Perreault


Ball Lightning
Bruce A. Perreault
Personal observations on ball lightning during the 1930’s might provide some clues. We lived on a farm in north Texas near the Oklahoma border. Summer storms especially at night frequently looked like fourth of July in NY and WWI rolled into one. During day time it’s not so highly visible. The ball lightening there was frequently automobile size. It bounced and frequently moved in several directions. It was bright like a welding torch, tinted with blue and yellow. Based on information described in the attached article, I would hazard several guesses. One is that since they don’t immediatly go only upwards that they are not hot plasma, but negatively charged plasma being cool which being heaver than air keeps them near the surface. The glow cause is simular to that which occures with flourescent tubes, bulbs etc. It’s probably atomized phosphorus and a lightning bolt that hatched but fizzled.
The particular area in north Texas which I speak of when a display is in progress, several to more than ten Balls going off at a time. This at different times lasted longer than an hour. At first it’s very scary, but shortly becomes so fascinating that danger gets lost. Have seen them ( smaller ones ) pass through the house, bounce off the floor and travel along a display shelf passing through a beautiful lead crystal butter dish, not breaking it but a quarter size clean hole upon entry and one on leaving. I never did time any of them, but it seems forever before some of them flashed out. They also traveled normally several hundred feet to maybe 1/4 of a mile. Also much later when I lived on the east coast of central Africa I got a good look at them a second time. We lived on Victoria Island near Lagos, Nigeria. Frequently at night time high wind and blow in, could set You clock by their arrival, mostly 1:30 AM. The electrical wiring in the houses was 240 V and finger sized wires. The storming coming from the ocean was related to Daytime and Nighttime temperature changes, although only a couple of degrees. Anyhow with storm in progress, all of the plug boxes throughout the house spued ball lightning which was like a pool game gone mad. Did not dare to get out of bed, just watch in horror till it would go away. Needless to say our small dog would have a mental breakdown. They would cross the marble floors some times 3 or more times before going out. Was also an engineer for an Atomic Energy Project, immediately next door to Area 51 during the time that Lazar was doing his thing. During snow storms there was a lot of lightning and ball lightning. In this case light comming through snow filled air changes colors, all colors of the rainbow from one flash, whith many at varying distances going on at the same time. It’s a real psycodelic experience. There are a lot of other experiences including ball lightning inside a TWA Jet around the World flight when landing at Heathrow Airport at London. Enough boring news !
Take Care, Dr. Smith


What are EMFs?
Don Smith


Doesn’t the earth produce EMFs?
Don Smith
This is not lightning or other induced sources present. It’s the add on found naturally. It increases upward from the surface. The static potential is in the Billions of Volts. lightning is only a small part of this.


Cool Experiments with Magnets
Don Smith


Energy Suppression: An Invisible Galaxy of Inventions
Don Smith


Don Smith’s Rotating Seperator Coil
Bruce A. Perreault

Hello All!

Check out Don Smith’s Rotating Seperator Coil grahic that he just sent to me…

Click on the small graphic ion to see the full graphic view. This is how Don’s eight coil device works that is shown on his website.

-Bruce A. Perreault
May be this will work, I tried it with the powdered Magnesium and Bisimuth,,,,and not a flicker. So 316 SS may just work for the wheel…..Gary
Try several thin layers of magnetostictive material alternating with thin layers of electrically conductive material. For example stainless steel and copper and or aluminum. This is not yet an exact science and requires a skill level. You may get some weird results at first. It requires mixing electrically conductive with none conductive which scatters-disorganizes the magnetic waves. 
Dr. Smith


Communication with Don Smith
Don Tauer
Bruce and everybody,
Like many of you, I have met Don Smith. I have read his web site with great interest. The devices he has shown show the careful construction of a professional engineer and I believe they work as he has stated. If the devices do work, shouldn’t we expect some sort of attempt to discredit him a la Joe Newman? His devices represent the potential to cost the power people many millions. People have been murdered for a lot less. Remember Karen Silkwood? Let us be cautious and not contribute to any harm that may come to Don, while at the same time bein careful for ourselves.
Don Tauer
Bruce A. Perreault


I spoke with Don Smith tonight on the phone. He has assured me that everything is running on schedule and everything is on the up and up. He has also informed me that someone is telling me a bunch of lies. Don sent this statement in an email after he got off the phone with me…

“My new Office is funded by private funds, mine and a friend and there is no possibility of any screw up of any kind. The Office is a Research and Development Facility and no Sales of any kind are done. Products Developed are manufactured in Taiwan, South Korea and Mexico. The Market is captive and requires no selling. All products already have owners at the time they come off the assembly line.” _Don Smith

I will give him the benefit of the doubt and see what he brings to inventor’s weekend this October.

-Bruce A. Perreault
Bruce,  This was exactly my feeling – the debunkers, troublemakers and propaganda pros may be on the attack.  When they see a threat to the status quo (existing energy cartel) they start with a well planned campaign of propaganda, lies and setups to wreak havoc. 


It Appears that Someone is Impersonating me on the Discussion lists
Bruce A. Perreault
To All This May Concern!

I just got a phone call from Don Smith. He tells me that someone is mass mailing posts to the discussion groups that is making me look bad. These posts are appearing to be coming from me! These posts contain attacks made against Don. Answer this question… why with Inventor’s Weekend coming up soon would I degrade one our key speakers? All I can say is that someone is up to their old dirty tricks again. Don is doing well and is making good progress  with his work. He has a lot to offer to our elite field at Inventor’s Weekend this year. If something doesn’t appear to be on the up and up from one of my posts please send me an e-mail right away and I will confirm what was said if it is true or not. If the post is not from me I will try to post a counter response immediately.
Sincerely, Bruce A. Perreault


Banning people from Inventor’s Weekend
Bruce A. Perreault
Hello All!

I would like to briefly respond to this recent post without taking up too much of anyone’s time. It is only fair that I get to respond to this…
For the record… I have not banned anyone from Inventor’s Weekend which is a semi-private event this year. I do have the right to impose some restrictions on people who have a strong inclination to disrupt the event.
A person who I will not name has donated $150 for two registrations to Inventor’s Weekend. Yes, it is a donation to attend our event. There are always people who don’t give a donation because they don’t have too much money to live on. No one is turned down attendance because they can’t afford a donation.  Inventor’s Weekend is not a commercial event. It is a time of year for inventor’s to join hands for growth and development. It is a time of fellowship for us inventors and innovators. Getting back to the focus of this post… I asked this person the name of the person who would be attending with them so that I could make a name tag for them. I was informed that I knew this person as “Mr. Jones” from last years event. That, his real name is Monroe Fischer. This immediately sent up a red flag. This is because last year Monroe Fischer, one of Jerry Decker’s “remote viewers,” attended Inventor’s weekend, and then later filed a negative report on our event that was far removed from the truth. I wrote back to the person who gave the donation and told them that if Monroe Fischer is going to attend that he is to follow some basic rules of ethics. He must use his real name because using a false name is dishonest in my judgement. I stated that I wanted Monroe Fischer to give me a phone call so I could discuss with him about his attendance. I stated that I did not want him to say anything that would be hurtful to another person at our gathering. Even though I knew that this person was attending just to find some dirt for Jerry I was willing to go over some ground rules that would allow him to test the hardware that is being presented this year. Last year he brought a cheap DVM that what would have fried it if he used it to meter the high voltage, high frequency that was coming off from one of Don Smith’s devices. He was not prepared to do any type of accurate testing. Monroe Fischer has not called me… instead I see a post over the Keely list and simultaneously over at the Harlan Sander’s website that is libelous to my name.
Monroe Fischer’s name does not appear on the Inventor’s Weekend report that is posted at the Harlan website. Instead “Mr. X” was given credit for the report on the Harlan Sander’s website. The author of this website stated that they wanted the true identity of this person. You be the judge if this is to be believed or not. Coming to the defense of Inventor’s Weekend… our event was very successful and it was like everyone was a family. It was a total success. Just ask Steve Mills who is supposed to have “finally seen the light,” according to a post over at the Sanser’s website. Come to Inventor’s Weekend and he will tell you how this site has twisted his words. The report that has been posted is a fabrication to make me look bad. Yes, I did edit one tape, it was about five minutes of  Don Smith’s presentation because Monroe Fischer got up and confused Mr. Smith and made him look like an idiot. This was uncalled for. Everyone at this event knew that Don had suffered from a severe stroke, he had to wipe drel off from his mouth because of his loss of some facial control. If you hit him too fast with questions he gets confused. Monroe Fischer unfairly took advantage of Don’s disabilities. This is why I deleted about five minutes from Don’s video. What was done was very unethical in my opinion and very hurtful to Don who took his time to share his work with his fellow inventor’s.
There will be no camcorders allowed at Inventor’s Weekend. However, I will be sending digitally taped presentions to a person who is willing to put them up on his server in their entirety, uncut, free of charge.
Enough time wasted… hopefully, I have made my case. If you come to our gathering this year you can ask anyone there who attended last years event who’s side of the story is correct.
Sincerely, Bruce A. Perreault


Don Smith’s Inventor’s Weekend Presentaion & Deadline (Sep 28, 2002)
Bruce A. Perreault

Hello All!

Don Smith called me on the telephone today to tell me that he will be releasing information at Inventor’s Weekend this year that was proprietary information up until just recently. He has informed me that he is doing this now because his patents in Mexico have been approved. Don also tells me that he will be bringing along some good test equipment to validate his claims.

I need to remind everyone that the deadline for Inventor’s Weekend is only days away… October 4th, 2002 is the cut-off date.
Best Regards, Bruce A. Perreault

Don Smith’s Health
Bruce A. Perreault

Hello All!

Those of us who attended Inventor’s Weekend were sadly disappointed that Don Smith could not give his presentation. Don should have be able to attend as he had his surgery to unblock some arteries on one side of his head. However, I found out today that Don had another stroke shortly after his surgery that has given him a speech impairment. Don was released from the hospital a few days back and he is eating and can walk, but his speech is not too good. He will be going to therapy for that for a while. It is almost impossible to hear him because he now talks in gasps. He said he has no control over his right arm and had to take a breath of air between words, but his thinking appears to be very clear. He wanted to apologize to everyone for not being able to be at the conference.

Our prayers go out to Don and his family.

-Bruce A. Perreault

Norman Bollinger
I am very concerned about what Don Smith seems to have done – considering his current health crisis. I don’t want to see another Tesla type loss to all of us. Is anyone in the Texas area where he lives? –  that has access to him. Has anyone on this list seen what he is doing?
I understand from discussions at the inventor’s weekend conference that
1. he has working devices around the world.
2. he has a Mexican patent –
How do we get access to that patent?3. Don has two puplications that I am aware of.
a. Magnetic Resonance Energy systems (40,000 copies worldwide)
b. Earth Electrical System II – Information and ConceptHave you read/have access to these documents.

Are they online somewhere?

They are not copyrighted to my knowledge.

Lets get a good discussion going on this issue.

Bruce A. Perreault


Don’s patent has been filed but it has not yet been granted. Don is still on our list. Maybe he will respond if he still can use one of his hands to type. His mind is still sharp.


Donald L. Smith
Have been flowing the Babel on Plasma and among the knit pickers not one has mentioned how to access this energy. Obviously someone needs to point the way. The PLASMA forms a very strong – and large MAGNETIC DIPOLE . The right angle component of this DIPOLE converts to useful energy . In conventual’s power generation this thrown away. There many thousands of times the energy present by conventual’s methods.    HAVE A NICE DAY,   DON SMITH
Bruce A. Perreault


It is great to have you back!


Hi Don,  Great to see you back!


That “someone” is us. We really need to shake the basket and let the bad apples fall out.




Back to measurements ! COP 1.25 ???
Stefan Hartmann
Hi All,
I found todayin my cellar my old letter scale, which is unfortunately not very precise, but for a quick try while waiting for the digital scale to arrive, I tried an experiment with it.
I used this time 2 stainles steel meshes in a 2 ccl glas and put just tap water in there. Then I connected these 2 steel meshes to my 230 Volts AC 50 Hz grid.
I just wanted to see, if normal household things could be used and not needing to buy tungsten rods.
So I started the heating up and when the water boiled I made readings of my appartment housewattmeter and of the gramms on the scale.
I then boiled off 20 gramms of water and after this I took a note again of the used up KWHs of my house wattmeter.
Here are the numbers:
20 gramms boiled off= 45200 Joules
used KWHs: 0.01 KWH = 36000 Joules.

This gives off an efficiency of : COP= 1.2555

Well, as I am in the very low KWHs of my meter and thus probably far away in the error range and also the scale has only a resolution of 10 gramms for each point on it, I don´t give these readings not much trust… It could also have been COP= 0.75. But who knows. I still have to wait for my measurement equipment to arrive and then I will repeat these experiments with better measurement resolutions, but it seems, also AC and normal household stainless steel mesh can be used as the electrodes ! It seems, one basic effect is just the boiling by current flow in water.

What there happens at the electrodes only chemical analyzes can find out.
So much for today.
Regards, Stefan.
Donald L. Smith
Stepan, check your magnetometer for wasted energy being greater than 90% . Have a Nice Day, Don Smith

free energy source
Norman Bollinger
Take the blade off your lawn mower and start it up and see what it does. I stalls out. It needs the momentum to keep it going at low speeds on to the next compression and fire cycle. Its probably not as critical on a 2 cycle engine but a 4 cycle engine has double the problem that a 2 cycle 
Norman , when the forces are balanced as in Henry Ford,s Device it becomes self propelled . A lawn mower will do the same . Dieseling by diesel engines is a mechancle form of this . Bedeni knows this . The moderator has deleted me from the free-energy group .
Regards , Don Smith


Taking Secrets to The Grave ?
Donald Smith
Kevin , You have a good chemistry , that will help a lot in Your Journey through life . To cheer You up a we bit , I have a free set of My CD’S for You . Will need Your mailing address . One of the CD’s has several Nice Spice programs [ Don’s Notes .] In the Internet go to [ Visual Spice at Island Logic ] , is has Multi Meter and Oscilloscope Simulators Built in . It also has a component editor where You can add new components . I recommend this program highly . Students sometimes get free copies . Otherwise they cost 3,000. $,s and upwards.
Have a nice day , Don Smith
Re: Problems reading the CD
Warren Opheim
Dear Mr. Smith:
At the conference in Houston I gave u a ck for $60 for a book & CD. The ck hit my bank Oct 30th; I ordered a photocopy of it which I will send you if for some reason you think I am being untruthful. The 20th of Nov I sent u an email, you kindly sent me a copy of your book, which I thank you. I have not yet received a copy of your CD. I am assuming you completed your CD & misplaced my address; if not forgive me for my impatience. Best wishes in your endeavors.
Kind Regards
Warren Opheim
14917 Manitou Rd NE
Prior Lk, MN
P.S. I downloaded Island Logix’s simulator & was disappointed because it didn’t have Xspice, so it won’t simulate a magnetic core whereas their demo version did. I think <> has a little better simulator with more complete documentation.
Don Smith
Warren, no problem, will send tomorrow, simply had a full plate and time did me in. I have a long list of programs that do magnetics. Most of them are very specialized and very expensive. If I can locate it will e-mail You a Copy. Thanks for being patient. Have a great new year, Don Smith
Warren Opheim
Dear Mr. Smith:
Thanks for your reply, sorry.. didn’t mean to sound ungracious. Any programs & or suggestions for material/size would be very gratefully received. I found some Permandur but @ $300 25.4x120mm kind of pricey. If stainless would work maybe #416, but I don’t think it’s magnetostrictive. Maybe a mumetal with cobalt would be my best bet.
Thanks again
Kind Regards
Warren Opheim
Don Smith
The CD You will have shortly has the program, Berkeley X-Spice ( UpDated by the University of Barcelona ). It’s the one that started it all.
Warren Opheim
Dear Mr. Smith:
Recieved your CD, which I thank you. I was wondering what format your CD writer wrote it in? I tried to read it using 6 different CD/DVD/CDRW players. I was able to view the icons on all of them; but the contents of some of the files, only one CD player could view & then I received errors trying to copy some of them off the disk (crc errors etc..). If I mail the disk back to you, could you please send me a CD that I can read?
Thank You
Warren Opheim
Donald Smith
Warren, there are about 200 of the CD’s out and only two people have had problems, once understood that many different files from from all over the World are included, the potential for problems exist. The Copy Program I used is Easy CD Creator V-5, Platinum which is the Rolls Royce of Copy programs ( Look up on the Internet ). The  Computers involved are Pentium II’s and II’s, Athelon 333 Mhz up to 1.5 Ghz. The CD-RW used for the Disk is HP 9600 series. Multiple file readers such as Paperport, Paint Brush, and others are helpful. A large % of the files require a PDF reader up and running, then accessing the files. All the files are quite readeable to a knowing person. For You to duplicate the effort required to put the disk out, would require Your siting at the computer, 18 hrs per day for months.The Disk is a goodwill effort at sharing information which I consider relevent, as is the Book. The Book is largely My Theories going through maturation and the Disk relates to the same developing process. Together they represent a life time of thinking by someone who is in the know. Money collected for these items requires subsidizing by me. For example one set of ink cartages for one printer cost about $80. per set and requires replacing about 3 times per week. There are three of these printers. Priorty mail is about $200. plus per week. Add in about 80 hrs. of none paid work. This is on top of a very crowded schedule which is none  comprimising. Include responding to about 200 e-mails per day and other. You keep the disk and if You think appropriate, I will refund the $30. which I am shure You need more than I.
Best Wishes, Don Smith


Energy Useful Defined.pdf
Donald Smith
There  will  be  a  series  of  these  leading  up  constructing Your very  own  Device .
Regards , Don  Smith
Norman Bollinger
Well for some time now I have been saying that we still do not know what electricity and magnetism are – we know its characteristics and how it performs but not what it is. Its like we used to call genetics but now we know underneath its DNA.
When we find out what the electrical equivalent of genetics DNA is things will be quite different.
So Don has always had some glimpses into the “electrical DNA” for me. For example – “The flip side of the electron produces magnetic waves which are an open system.” …. and “These waves being unrestricted are the universal source of energy” editorially connected sentence “when resonate unlimited duplicates from this one source are available.”
“Therefore the key to unlimited energy is Magnetic Resonance”.
and “A highly obvious example is the Piano where the Key impacts the one note giving one sound level, which resonates with it’s two side keys providing a much higher level. Magnetic reconance energy clearly amplifies it’s self demonstrating more energy out than in.”
Ok I accept that but how do I make it work for me?
and “The right angle component of the magnetic flux provides … useful electrical energy.”
Any thoughts folks?
Donald Smith
That’s where we were headed with the recent aborted attempt occurred . Not to worry , we will succeed . I was 1/3 there when interference from energy elate bunch became intolerable
Regards , Don Smith


Emailing: Abomb (The Truth About Nuclear Weapons)
Donald Smith


Emailing: emf-meter-detector
Donald Smith


Emailing: EMF-Meter-SET Very Imporant
Donald Smith


Emailing: what-is-electrosmog
Donald Smith


Emailing: Grundlagen
Donald Smith


Emailing: Spectrumanalyser-Software Very Important
Donald Smith


Emailing: Multidetektor2
Donald Smith


Radiant Energy — Wireless Transformer of High Power Lines?
Sterling D. Allan
Donald Smith
I  did  this  about  20  years  ago  minus  the  power  lines .   I  called  it  in  the  patent  application ” Electromagnetic  Radiant Energy  Conversion  System ” It’s  a  winner .   All  it  takes  is  an  open  mind . Regards  ,  Don  Smith
PS   it  was  a  part  of  My presentation  to  the  Tesla  Society  at  Colorado  Springs ,   ask   JW  McGinnis  .   Regards  ,  Don Smith
Donald Smith
Engineering  types are  clueless  on  this  one  and  the  power  companies  are  exposing  their  ignorance .  Any  moron  can do  it .        Regards  , Don  Smith
Donald Smith
Electro Smog it’s a hazard world wide , here an open and shut law suit if I ever saw one . If the Power Companies open their thieving mouth – mentality , I would get a huge class action suit against them , they have just shot their stupid foot off . Regards , Don Smith


Einstein did NOT derive E =mc2 FIRST, it is done by Preston, De Pretto, Hasenohrl etc.
ajay sharma

Origin and escalation of mass-energy equation E=mc^2

Ajay Sharma
Community Science Centre. DOE. Post Box 107 Shimla 171001 HP

Einstein’s 27 Sep 1905 paper available at
Origin and Escalation of the Mass-Energy Equation ∆ E=∆ mc2
Donald Smith
That is correct , it was Oliver Heavisides . His books were from the generation prior to Einstein who copied the idea . Princeton University is fully aware of this , since they were using Einstein for publicity the truth did not matter . Regards , Don Smith
ajay sharma
Dear Dr Smith
Could you please give me more details of  Oliver Heavisides ‘ work
Iam writing book
E=mc^2 afater 100 years.
I have confirmed many mistakes in Einstein Sep 1905 paper and  suggested an alaternate eqaution to E =mc2.   I have spent over 15 years on the topic.
I will be thankful to you if you could send more information about Oliver Heaviside.

Don Smith’s Ambient Energy Device
Bruce A. Perreault
Good Morning Everyone!
Don Smith’s Ambient Energy Device is a modern day version of what Tesla demonstrated in the late 19th and early 20th Centuries. It is not a difficult circuit to understand but a few people have backed Don into a corner and degraded his contribution. Don sent me a few key components a few years back I still haven’t had the chance to add them into a proof-of-concept circuit. However, I can say that it will transform the associated Tesla circuitry into a silent running device. A guy named Jimmy Reed has a composite device that consists of Don’s and one of my designs that is a functional proof-of-concept and when I get the time I will add it to my own version of the device. Perhaps, it will be at Inventor’s Weekend June 2005 in Manchester, New Hampshire. We will see. I still haven’t made up my mind yet if Inventor’s Weekend 2005 is to be or not to be. The device is actually so simple that a boy or girl scout could build it with no problem but this seems to be beyond the scope of people like Decker. These people have defamed this particular Tesla into something that it is not and has effectively caused Don Smith to back off in fear of being further ridiculed. This is implorable in my opinion. Why can’t these dunderheads just take things at face value and recognize the contributions to our movement instead of constantly tearing down the lives of our messengers, including myself. This is beyond my comprehension and you have to question these people’s motives. Continuing this negative trend will result in zero energy solutions. I call for everyone in 2005 to take a stand for progress and discourage digressive dialogs.
 -B.A. Perreault
( see the related youtube video )


Don Smith’s Devices (2005 Inventor’s Weekend conference)

Yes, it was a great conference and we all learned a great deal! It was great to meet Bruce and see his progress on Swedish Stone and to finally meet Don Smith.

Now looking at the pix of one of those devices in the slides Don Smith presented, with the circular array of coils plus the description on his website, and what little I gleaned from talking to him, it would seem that to accomplish the impossible, Don has actually invented a shielding for magnetic flux or at least allowing it to be redirected. Traditional science has no known method of shielding magnetic flux (not to be confused with electromagnetic radiation for which there are known methods). The rotating wheel he describes consisting of segments of this unknown material would induce current between magnet and coil when interposed.

Don did mention spraying adhesive on the wheel and applying various powdered metals to it then peeling away tape for the unneeded segments. As to which metals, he only mentioned Barium….. Also mentioned were super capacitors which he used in the 24v range and he has an unlimited supply of a certain dialetric material for which he may be making his own capacitors and many of you will remember noticing the high-current bridge diodes in many of his device pix.
Just my thoughts, and I wanted to get them out there while the conference materials are still fresh on my mind!
New uses for my gaussmeter!
James Davis

Re: A message from Don Smith (original message seems to be deleted, recovered it from the forwarded copy )
Bruce A. Perreault
Hello Group,
I just received this e-mail from Don Smith…

“Dear  Bruce ,  You  are familiar  with sparking experiment and two capacitor plates ,  next  step is placing an ungrounded transformer nearby in the  associated resonate  magnetic  flux  field ,  it can one or several transformers ,  this is  Device  One  from  my website .  This  arangengement  makes multiple exact  copies of  the  flux  field  present which  is much  greater  than the  electrical  input  due to ambient energy  incorporated into the  resonate  magnetic  flux field being  generated .  Test the output at  the ungrounded seperate  transformers .  I  hope this will  help .      Regards ,  Don  Smith”
What if Don is correct and that the energy is actually being pumped out of the ambient energy field of the planet? It is an interesting thought and once group members build their own prototypes we can all explore this possibility. I have asked Don to join our group because it is right up his ally what we are doing with radiant energy.
-Bruce P.
Here’s Device #1
But perhaps Don meant Device #2?
Doctor Whodini


There’s one catch. His sparking system has to be in synchronization with the Telluric Potential. Otherwise, he won’t get this amplification effect. Once he gets this effect, the idea is to phase lock to it at this rate.

I’m presently working on a system that will do this.


Tate power ambient circuit update

Hi all

No doubt many on this newsgroup may have already see my article on the Tate ambient power module on my brightsparks website ,up to now I did not have some component values,it seems there was patent that showed these values and this gif diagram has now been placed at my website as as below,

if this does not work try this instead ,I can’t quite remember the actual extender
Thanks to the person that sent me this updated info.
Please note this device only gives small amounts of power that could light a Led ,a small watch or radio depending on the radio source you are tapping.
I doubt it’s a practical device as such but it seems would make an interesting conversation piece.

Don Smith
Geoff ,  the  reason  the power  is  so  low  is  the  capacitors  being  used.  If larger  capacitors   such as  used  for power  audio  systems or  the  newer super  capacitors  such  as  the  50-500  Farad  units You  will  begin  to  see real  power.  The  schematics  shows  a  great  deal  of  naivety  on  the  part of  the  Inventor  and  the  issuing Patent  Office.  The  basic  idea  is  1000% It  relates  to  My  Earth Electrical  System II  from  15  years  ago
Don  Smith   🙂 
Thanks Don
I will add that info to the page in question as well

Interesting Don Smith Email
Nick Finelli
Greetings. I am a fellow free energy researcher residing in New York. I have been interested in your work since I first saw your video tape of the presentation you made at the Tesla Symposium. I have only recently found your work on the internet. Of all the ideas for free energy I have seen, including bad ideas and the frauds, I believe you have one of the only good theories out there. The reason I agree with your work; I have come to the same conclusions about resonance after researching Nikola Tesla’s work. I have a background in electronics and electrical engineering, but I have experimented very little on the topic. One thing I have noticed is the elegance of your designs. Pre fabricated High Voltage inverters, Capacitors in circuits whose values were obviously chosen for tuning in the design/engineering phase before construction.
However, I have some questions in reference to the photos on your web sight. In particular, the model on the board you presented on the Video. On your web sight it is called Resonant Energy Device. There does not seem to be an output tank circuit to derive a useable voltage from the high voltage. Is there a completed missing component section?
Also, why do you need a feedback coil? Is this for charging the battery? There is nothing hooked up to this coil’s output. In addition, does the voltage inverter device have a 60 cycle output? If so, how do you resonate the Resonant coil with 60 Hz? Is it designed to operate at this frequency or does the Neon sign Rheostat control the frequency somehow?
I would like to try to build one of these devices for home use, but there are too many un-answered questions. I was also wondering if you had any schematics available that you have made public. You mentioned on the video tape that they found your briefcase at the symposium and were selling copies of schematics in the bookstore. Are these available?
Nick Finelli
Don Smith
Nick your observations are 100%. In order to put in context, several statements are required. I work with modular units. A completed project may have several modules, such as input source, main module, energy storage module, inverter and output module. In some cases these are partially combined.. The benefit is not having to rebuild the complete system each time, thus conserving time and expenses. For example the change from voltage to coulombs (volt amperes) using say four 50 farad capacitors. They are shoe box size and cost about $2000 each. One unit as modular can be switched between devices as required. Simplicity is a requirement with most the direct approach possible. A great deal of thinking and planing is a part of each device. There are hundreds of these devices. They look very different, but in actuality they all add up to the information composted and available on my web site. This opens a door to a world of new electrical devices not previously known. Electricity as presented by the establishment got off the track some where about 1900’s and has been out in left field ever since. Tesla was the only obvious one that stayed on course. My main purpose is to get people back on the right track. Picking out the right information and adding the missing pieces is a wide open field with near zero competition.
A considerable amount of time and money is invested in the devices you have viewed. As such when presented in some cases as a protective measure there are improper connections and other methods to slow down those out for a free ride. This should not be much of a problem for you. I wish you well and will be looking foreword to new and original interpretations which incorporate the approaches viewed on the website.
Response to your questions:

1. High voltage at high frequency pumps lots of coulombs at a high rate of repetition. This extra energy gets into the system from the Earth’s ambient background. Magnets and or coil systems depending on their magnetic permeability reflect this ambient energy. They work very much like an antenna and transformer system, having only receptive energy which is passed through the electron flip system into temporary storage into useful energy.

2. The final output is indistinguishable from your domestic power company.

3. Schematics prototyped by computer programs such as Islandlogix’s VisualSpice prior to to actual model building saves much time. This works very well and believe it or not over unity and free energy shows up in the simulations.

Hope that this is helpful, Dr. Smith

Our Glo-Regulator Circuit is a “Negative Resistance Resonant Oscillator”

* This was just sent to me from Don Smith

Negative Resistance Resonant Oscillator

The Circuit

The generation of waveforms by negative resistance is typically found in ultra-high frequency applications. Gunn, Impatt and Tunnel diodes are used because these devices exhibit this unusual but useful voltage to current characteristic. A negative resistance region is characterized by an increase in voltage with proportional decrease in current. Among its many uses, negative resistance may be utilized for sine wave generation in resonant circuits. When negative resistance is added to inductors and capacitors, losses can be cancelled out causing rising oscillations if the circuit is unbalanced. Stabilization of the output amplitudes will take place when the bounds of the negative resistance are exceeded.

Robin van Spaandonk
If you read this carefully, you will see that it doesn’t say that this is a DC negative resistance. I.e. not free energy. It only talks about increases and decreases, i.e. Don is talking about a negative slope on the resistance curve, however the actual resistance is still positive. What this really means is that the devices in question are within a certain range voltage controlled resistors, i.e. as the voltage goes up, the resistance goes up even faster, resulting in a drop in current. This could indeed be happening in your tube, however in itself it isn’t a source of free power.
Bruce A. Perreault


Yes, I know that the glo-regulator is not drawing in excess energy through negative resistance in itself. I merely pointed out that it is allowing the circuit to function in the zero or negative resistance mode.


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