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  1. and a comment from Olli Taina related to the above article…

    "This writing was heavily inspired by the recently published SEG test article
    (http://www.alexfrolov.narod.ru/russearl.html). The SEG was the first thing
    related to free energy that I ran into in the Internet a few years ago. I
    decided to write this because the principles that I present here explain the
    SEG test results and also many other phenomena – at least in my opinion.
    Accepting these concepts may require re-considering the validity of some
    earlier learned "facts" but in many cases cleaning the table completely is
    the only way to have real progress. In any case, a valid theory must be able
    to explain the results of valid experiments. If the theory and the reality
    are in conflict with each other the reality is right and the theory must be
    This writing is not intended to be a complete theory but just a starting
    point. It is just my understanding of the basic mechanisms of the physical
    reality and maybe some "food for thought". Any feedback is greatly welcomed"

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