Compilation of info Don Smith shared on FreeEnergy Yahoo group

July 7, 2016

As you already know, last time I shared the collection of posts that Don sent to the NuEnergy Yahoo group. Now here’s a collection of his posts extracted from the Free-Energy Yahoo group ( These were essentially the two groups that he used.

The info is organized as email threads the way they appear on Yahoo groups. Whenever there is a dialog, I also include the messages from those to whom Don directs his questions or answers to. Each email thread has a title so that anyone could locate the entire discussions on the Yahoo. Don’s messages are highlighted in yellow. Some are just general statements or irrelevant stuff but please pay close attention as few of them are very interesting ones and provide more details about the basic principal of operation of his device. Enjoy!

(for those who prefer a MS Word version, you can download it here)

Essential Parts

Here  is  something  to think  about .  Also  see  my  Website   .  There  are  several  Devices  related  to  the  study  mentioned . REGARDS ,  Don  Smith
Hi Don,
Is it possible that you vary the speed of the motor to find/make the two coils and the two Caps. all in series (series LC circuit) resonant thereby increasing their efficiency/output? It would seem that a full wave bridge diode would be necessary to keep polarity correct into the battery/load if DC wanted.
You are correct . What you see is the simplest possible drawing . I assume a knowing person would know the difference . REGARDS, Don Smith
You are correct . The variable speed switch is from an automobile dimmer . The drawing is the simplest possible and is therefore incomplete . The basic idea is clearly shown . REGARDS , Don Smith
Don, et al
This has some similarities with the Ecklin SAG generator  (
You seem to be using the rotating wheel simply as a magnetic field blocker. Correct? What materials are you using as the blocker? Is it possible to use a flux carrier like METGLASS instead of a flux blocker?
Interesting stuff. I want to build an Ecklin SAG sometime, but may try yours instead.
My “Rotating Separator Coil” one of a dozen related projects I did. It’s my improvement over the Henry Ford Generator Starter Motor . The Aircraft Industry has starter generators in mass production which produce excess energy and with minor change are self sustainable ” 60 Kilowatts and upwards of excess energy” . Thanks for the comment . REGARDS, Don Smith
But you can´t get KWatts out of it, when you just use a simple milliWatts motor to drive the shield ! That just does not work.  Has anyone from this list seen any of Don´s machines work ?
As Don was already at some conferences also at Bruce Perrault´s conference lately there must be some people out here, who have seen his presentation. Please come forward and speak out. Thanks.
P.S: To me it sounds like Dom is only here to sell his expensive CDs with no real value…
The small millwatt motor shown powers only the rotating disk . The output is from the magnetic variation resulting from the shielding . Which is quite large . REGARDS , Don Smith
Get off the keyboard, out of the books and into the workshop.

Hello Stefan and many more.
I have been following the many projects going on in this group. I get about 100 emails a day, this seems a lot considering the number of projects (about 3). Most are just saying “This won’t work” or “That doesn’t agree with the theory book”. I believe when someone comes up with a usable amount of free energy the theory books will have to be either rewritten or revised.
My suggestion is get off the keyboards, out of the books and onto the workshop. Nothing has come out of the text books yet.
Best wishes and good prototyping.
Expert Couch Potatoes beware ! Accessing the none Lenzing Option with my Rotating Disc requires use of the Block Neutral Zone for maximum success . REGARDS , Don Smith
It was not an Heart Attack , rather a stroke massive , caused by several blood clots in the right side of the brain . Heart checks out is perfect . I was 100 percent paralyzed for three months . Had to learn to talk and body movements from scratch . One year latter am almost back to normal except for the right hand . The blood clots are still there and could move at any time resulting in a total wipe out . That is whey the Doctor objected to my traveling to Seattle . I spend a lot of time in Physical Therapy sessions . It present have only the left hand operational . As you can see I can partially manage . REGARDS , Don Smith
The term ” neutral zone blocker ” is a malicious misstatement . Please notice I said BLOCH ,which is man,s name . The neutral zone of electron spin was named in his honor . REGARDS , Don Smith
Amy is Jerry Decker out to cause trouble . The style is easy to recognize . Most of the People at Keely Net have abandoned ship because obnoxious behavior and he decided wreck his competition . REGARDS , Don Smith

Here is the FE, I need help to connect!

Richard Austin:
Why not just get a car battery which is capable of hundreds of cranking amps at 12 volts, put an inverter on it to get 120 volts or even use a spark coil to get thousands of volts, then combine the two to get hundreds of amps at thousands of volts? Amazing power!
Hint: You will find that you can’t mix apples and oranges. You can only get the POWER of each added together.
50,000V at .0001 amps (Dirod) + fraction of V at high amps (Faraday) =
There are fundamentals of physics and electrical engineering that should be studied before getting into developing free energy ideas. You can waste a LOT of time pursuing impossible ventures. To create free energy, we must find anomalies in the physics of nature and find ways to exploit them. This scheme you suggest has been tried many times before. It fails because if violates known laws of physics. Use the water pressure analogy. Get a pint of water and put it under 2000 pounds pressure (Dirod) then get a lake under virtually no pressure (Faraday). Now combine the two to create Niagra Falls.
Richard , It may be easier than You think . a custom transformer made to my specifications does just that ” made in India “. One of the pages ” Tesla Coil Geometry ” from my book was posted to the group which explains how to correct the amperage problem . It was totally unnoticed . Regards , Don Smith

Another hidden dimension in free energy

Hi Norman,
I’m not an Amy fan but she / he said it well when she said “if he really had a FE machine what would he need to be doing here trying to sell $50 cd’s and this applies to Bruce just as well as it did to Don.
Someone asked me the same question and my answer is that there are people here that are actually hands on with good results and logical thinking and I can help them and they can help me, now I actually take the time to try and help and post results etc, but do you ever see Bruce posting a positive comment that isn’t directly related to a product you can buy from his web site ?
Have you ever seen him once make a positive comment to someone discussing something he is working on to try and help them get ahead with their project ?
Don has some interesting ideas, not sure what planet they come from, but I bet he doesn’t have a single working device to show you if you go and see him and that’s the bottom line.
I would read a book by Bruce if it said do this and do that and you will get FE, but he doesn’t have such a book, why because he doesn’t have a working device.
Thanx for the correction on the magic stone, I don’t think Gray used his spark gap for much though.
Garry Stanley
Gary in a polite society we are sure of our facts before we pass judgment . I happens that you are very wrong , many times over . I try very hard to help people understand . It happens that I am in the business and have obligations such that I can not freely discuss many things . Such as , self propelled electric vehicles . small magnets that work same as a huge battery , simple and easy limitless useful energy from the universe and several hundred more such Devices . Wishing You the Best , Don Smith


Josh , please see My Web Site for Coils of the type which You are interested . When properly constructed it,s an overunity Device . The ratio of outside circle times the inside circle is the gain . My book ” Resonance Energy Methods ” and ” Don,s Notes ” CD,s are extensions from Tesla updating His Technology . The Web Site is World Wide with more than 2,000. Servers offering it .
 Have a nice Day , Don Smith

Atmospheric Electricity

Time to intrude , this directly relates to My Earth Electrical System , spent several millions of $’s and ten years trying to get DOE and Patent Office to act . The System is Scientifically Sound with out reservation . The Establishment simply ignores that which it can not ridicule or explained away . Regards , Don Smith
What are the details, Don? Since it didn’t pan out pursuing the patent route, could you post the schematics and construction requirements? How much power could you typically take out of it, how many lights could you light?
– Gary
Monkies in a barrel of coconuts ! I believe in hands on approach . Only to say it’s very teal and requires a back ground in Geology and Physics to understand . It has gone through several major refinements . Present Version is very simple . The DEAL , a financially responsible individual , no up front unless agreed , one half of any profits there from , with other details as aggreed . Regards , Don Smith

Donald Smith

Sterling D. Allan:
Your input on the following proposed procedures documents is welcome.
a.. Pure Energy Systems > Seeking your input for these new pages. How might you do it differently; what is missing?
a.. Recommended Protocol for FE Peer Review Process – Submission and referee protocol for document publication by PES.
b.. “Peer” Criterion – Proposed criterion by which one qualifies as a “Peer” for the peer review process of Pure Energy Systems’ refereed documents.
c.. Editorial Guidelines – for submitting content to the various departments at PES, from the encyclopedia to news.
Time for a reality check ! The intent is great , however reality in badly flawed . Physics is a Basket Case . It’s a Gift Horse with one leg and a horribly deformed swayed back . The peer review process is fraudulent in concept in that it is representing it’s self as a race horse . Even a trolley and a wooden leg can’t fix that . An imperferfect System passing judgment equals What ! Regards , Don Smith
Yes I would agree in part but what would you replace it with? I personally love the way Naudin had the lifter’s replicate all over but not everything is that easy to replicate.
hi there —
Very true; nearly every concept in physics is wrong and should be tossed out with the rubbish.
Students are deliberately taught falsehoods in school so that useful free energy can never be achieved; at least by the so-called ‘well-educated’ who’ve wasted their time in class studying a load of nonsense and old theories.
Bravo! I absolutely agree. When I hear news about “allopathic doctors, scientist, etc. I think “out dated, flawed and unrealistic”
John Henderson
Ion valve by balash ahmedov
Bruce wrote:
“I first discovered this through my capture capacitor that was publicly demonstrated back in 1998, after that time “ultra” and “super” capacitor manufactures began using my discovery. This was done and is still being done to this day without any credit given to me or even one penny sent my way. Should I be a little bitter? You tell me.”
Bruce, is it not possible for more than one individual to achieve the same discovery around the same time?
Our history books are filled with such anechdotes.
Relax my friend. A good discovery is only usefull if utilized en-masse.
Jay , I have been using 50 Farad capacitors for more than 4 years . They are about the size of shoe box . One Farad equals approximately 1,000. Watts. They are common in BOOM BOX sound systems . Search the Web . There is also a special battery that comes with the system which works better than any other available . Regards , Don Smith
30.4 j (300 uf 450v) cap and how to deliver 100k watts or more
The amount of energy in this cap is not great. A 40 watt light bulb would use up the stored energy in a split second. However, the cap can provide high power if it is discharged rapidly. 6000000.0watts=30.4/.000005 . I’m going to try a circuit that uses a small cap to deliver enough energy to run a house. Of course i’ll use an OU source but thats no problem. Attention Don Smith if your reading this , why is a large storage cap needed before transformer.
Gary S.:
We all want to hear the specifics of your house-running OU setup.
Garry , glad You asked . If You will give he your private e-mail address . The yahoo system blocks photos is the reason I have-not done it before . Actually you have the photograph already in Bruce’s last September program . The original is from 5 years ago . I use several 50 Farad Capacitors . One Farad equals approximately 1,000. Watts . They are shoe box size . You can then figure out how to get around the Yahoo block and send the Group a Copy . Happy to send a replacement ! Please excuse the garble , I do not have the use of my hands .
—Everything i have to type is just rehashed info i’ve gained from studying Don Smith devices.So with that in mind if you don’t beleive what i say you don’t beleive anything a man with seven degrees has to say so who’s the fool now! Don’t beleive me ,i don’t care . The equation E=R/I applies to every device exhibiting OU therefore if you don’t beleive this equation your on the wrong group my friend.I’m not typing this stuff to miss lead ya.
capacitors,and there importance to gaining OU
If your going to put time into making an OU device you better start and finish with capacitor construction because the capacitor is critical.Just take into consideration the capacitors ability to capture peak voltage, so what about the rms, what were interested in is capturing the peaks because once captured it can be put to use unlike modern wastefull amplifiers that don’t take advantage of this.Here’s a home made cap tip.If you can’t find small cheap panes of glass try vinyl floor squares which i beleive have more dielectric constant.It won’t be any larger than the glass cap.Also, try reading a basic electronic book with OU in mind.You find all kinds of info that strongly points to OU.To say that OU doesn’t exist means there’s a million or more electronics books out there in colleges that are wrong in stating E=R/I .Read an electronics book. The cap chapter,the inductor chapter,tran chapter,the a.c chapter most importantly these.I recommend reading the hole book a dozen times.If you don’t own an electronics book your looking to take advantage and grab a free ticket. And if that sentence bothered you then your guilty regardless.
Gary S.:
Every electronics book I’ve read says E=I X R, not R/I.
Real power must be RMS power, that’s what “power” is and why RMS is used. It is the AC equivalent to the same power (heating effect) of steady DC, or E X I.
 – Gary
—Hi Gary
 I should have been more in depth.The text book i have is “electronics principles and application by Schuler second edition copyright 79,84”. And indeed E=R/I is used in a couple of schematics.Gary, on not typing this stuff to miss lead ya.Your smart opinions are welcome regardless.
Gary S.:
I can’t imagine the context in which that equation would be correct, perhaps as a small part of an amplifier circuit?
For passive circuits, though, voltage is equal to the current times the resistance, unless there are phase effects from a non-unity power factor. Ohm’s Law is one of the simplest things to verify with DC — you only need a battery, a few resistors and a milliammeter. You’ll find that, with a constant voltage, doubling the resistance will cut the current in half. With a voltage divider, doubling the current through a given resistor will double the voltage.
 – Gary
Ben K4ZEP:
Hi Philo……
 Have you ever heard of “MISPRINT” and you obviously believe everything you read. Don’t.
In electronics if you can find an application of E=R/I then “Dumbo” flew with the magic feather in his cap.
 Ben K4ZEP
Nice sense of humor . But wrong , try impedance matching as in antenna and radio type circuits . For example , every thing has resonance . This includes all types of batteries . For the antenna system to be open to the ambient energy of the Universe the impedance must be matched , Once this happens all the energy in the World is Your Oyster . This is what Bruce has been trying to tell You . REGARDS , Don Smith
Time for a reality check . More than 40,000. copies of My book are in circulation World Wide . Actual cost of production was $1. per sheet . Before S @ H I received 35 $’s . With 150 sheets plus binders and covers , what was the net rip-off . This is why I changed to PDF and CD’s . The $50. CD’s of My Book ” Resonate Energy Methods ” represent about 20 ears of life as does the CD ” Don’s Notes ” . The true Rip-off Artiest Jerry Decker and Friends Owe Me a long over DUE APOLOGY ! REGARDS , Don Smith
healthier perspective
Once again if you were to post a working schematic you would have 40% blast your device and not try it while 30% ask one hundred questions and if not respond your a scam while 20% don’t know electronics while 5% try it and don’t have the same results while the last 5% think your racist.
Anyway a healthier perspective would be to build the electrical version of a hoist gear mechanism or a hydrolic pump. also If Don Smith sold 40,000. good for him.As for my plans they consist of inductor core sizes used and guage wire used as well as circuit design.Nothing fancy just good old proper use of energy (maxwell).
You forgot to mention those that don’t respond to any questions asking for details.
Gary S.:
I do believe that a true self-runner, where no batteries were involved but energy was being extracted continually, would be noticed and discussed. It would be skeptically treated, but if it could be independently duplicated by a lot of people (including skeptics) it would go well.
– Gary
Reality Check : About 1,000. Copies in the US , balance world wide , largest concentration is Eastern Europe , Includes Croatia [ Tesla’s home ] . Several dozen successful duplications of My Devices have occurred there . About 1,000. copies were gifts to Key People in various Universities and Educational Groups World Wide . Regards, Don Smith
pure potential
miniscule current no loss! Need i say more? probably
Donald Smith:
This is the bird on the high voltage line , not much current but lot’s of potential . This is the background energy of the universe , With a proper grounding system it’s fully aces source of usable energy . This is what I am all about , ambient resonate energy systems . Until resonated and with controlled grounding is required .
PMM disruption to planetary mag field?
Sterling D. Allan:
Here’s an interesting question that I’ve pondered myself as well.
In postulating a model for how Permanent Magnet Motors work, I’ve wondered if they may be tapping into either some cosmic magnetic force or the earth’s magnetic field.
If so, are these inexhaustible sources of energy, or do they have a limit, like the oil fields have a limit.
Maybe some of you have knowledge of some papers or essays that have already been composed on the subject?
Mary-Sue articulates the question below:
Norman Bollinger:
Can you imagine what the environmentalists will do with this idea?
They’d say “You can’t make permanent magnet motors – they’ll destroy the entire earth structure.”
But the truth is we still do not know what either electricity or magnets are. We know their color and shape and characterestics but do not know what they are.
My response would be that magnets are a magnetic antenna system reflecting the Earth’s Geomagnetic Structure . A form of Corerer . Regards , Don Smith
Howard Roger:
I just can’t resist putting in my two cents worth. IF the motor work, AND they take power fron the earth’s magnetic field, I don’t think we have much to worry about. The earth’s magnetic field is a function of it’s core temperature and it’s rotation on it’s axis. I don’t think you can cool the molten center of the earth any measurable amount even if all the energy needed if the world were extracted. Likewise, I don’t think you could lenghen the day any maasureable amount, let alone both.
It is more likely the source of power for these motors is energy stored in the magnets themselves, and the extraction of this energy would lead to a breakdown of the Bloch wall structure and a randonization of magnetic flux, causing a failure of the motor afrer the stored energy was used. In a similar way, Bearden’s MEG might also fail.
When the temperature reaches a certain level the magnetism ceases , this is about 50 miles down inside the Earth’s crust . There is a name for the event which I do not presently remember . Regards , Don Smith
You are probably referring to the Curie point, which is up to several hundred degrees ºC.
John W.
I think about 700 degrees F . Regards , Don Smith
I think you missed the point I was trying to make. Let’s take an older VW beetle that had a generator. You could completely remove the battery from one of them and as long as the positive battery cable didn’t get against the body and short out you could pull then ans start then and run them.
The generator simpley circulated the electrons through the system. The electrical system would continue to work as long as the generator continued to turn. A generator is a simple pump. it pumps electrons through a closed loop system. My point is you will never run out of electrons for the generator to pump.
Art , You presented me with as opportunity to interfere and make a statement , thank You . The ignition system of the 1920’s Maytag washing machine , early tractors and others when balanced out by a fly wheel had a strong tendency to become self propelled . This is where Tesla and Ford’s self propelled idea came from . The modern day equivalent is the starter / generator used by the aircraft industry , being mass produced . A simple computer chip change and it’s self propelled . My web site at mentions this . Regards , Don Smith
Free energy motor-generators and coils
Gentlemen , a nudge here and there . This is something I did about 4 years ago , so I can help . For now go to Goggle Search Engine and see ” Pancake Motor Generators ” I personally built 3 different motor sets , all preformed exactly as planned . My website on the first page mentions them . They were based on the 3 phase pancake Tesla rendition . Best Regards . DS
Sir , It or what ever , or Your information a full size self propelled fully functional airplane exist and I would be happy to supply a photo . Regards , DS
Arthur Corbit:
Hi Donald,
If you will join my group and post the info on this on the files page. The link to the group is:
Art , We already tried that and it did not work. I will tell You that the Airplane is in commercial production in China . GE has a contract for 24 Aircraft . The original device is in storage at an undisclosed location . The Chinese came here , liked what they saw and ordered some . Disjointed and rotten logic of the mind control system [ group ] makes precautionary measures a necessity . Heights Regards , DS
Arthur Corbit:
Hi Donald,
I’m not doubting what you stated but just wanted you to post the article on my group for all to read, If you tried to join the group and it didn’t work then Yahoo is having a problem. I aprove all member and I aproved several this morning so if you applied to the group you are probably now a member.
Bill Keiser:
i’m not sure of your question. it seems meaningless. i would think that conservation of energy is a law no matter what.  in a closed system, as in my insulated box, it is valid, ie. you can’t build up heat in the box without converting something already in the box. in an open system, as wires, etc. coming into the box, there is still no net change of total energy, it’s just a bigger closed system. the universe is one somewhat large closed system. (btw, this is what i mean by clipping replies. instead of just adding to the entire previous thread, which was getting quite long, i am only including the specific part that i am addressing in this post. this is kinder to those who read digest or online expanded form and conserves list storage.)
Magnetic Resonance is an open system and the conservation of energy laws do no apply , see My Web Site at . Regards , DS
Homemade solar cells !
Check this out !
Looks quite easy to build.
Maybe it could be scaled up with different dyes:
Regards, Stefan.
More info:
These References are Highly Recommended ! Have a Nice Day , DS
What’s missing here is that all the energy incoming from the Cosmos is magnetic resonance as I have been saying for more than 20 years now . This type of energy can not be filtered or stopped , it can only be reflected , deflected or absorbed . Normally it passes through all the electrons present , flipping them to the electrical position where the energy produced dies a heat death . Not to worry about the electrons , they have been doing this since the beginning of time and have not been diminished at all . See My Web Site Regards , DS
Self powered airplane & technology exporting
Please do a Goggle Search for electric airplanes and You will see things which You obviously not familiar . You will also find a complete disclosure . All the people You are threatening my with are a part of it so my advice is dig a hole , climb in and cover up as fast as possible , Regards , DS
Glad to see your sense of humor is still intact, and that you are not bothered by our resident disrupter.
Many of us on the group respect and admire your work. We all cringe when you are under attack, fearful that our ‘crumbs’ will dry up! Keep on posting – we love your answers.
Neutrino rods videos posted
Hello All,
I opened up a new file archive for the free-energy group and uploaded here:
2 new AVI videos of these anonymous Neutrino capturing rods.
The AVIs should be playable with all Windows setups since Win95B.
These AVIs use the Microsoft MPEG4-V2 video codec and the GSM6.1 audio codec. This is the most compatible codec combination for Windows platforms.
I don´t know, if these videos really show 2 rods capturing Neutrinos. Somebody mentioned, that they might contain 2 stacks of small earcell batteries and the short duration output load of the bulbs still will make them not discharge so fast….
Anyway, if anyone knows if this is just a fake or if it is a real technolgy, please let us know and also your source of information.
P.S: Over here:
Regards, Stefan.
No one is ever going to find out, because no one has access rights to the files within the folder.
Robin van Spaandonk
Robin ,
I have business interest in Japan . The first ones I physically had contact with were at a Dennis Lee presentation at Austin Texas 3 years ago . The source is from Patent issued and assigned to the US Government . The Rod business is a decoy to hide the real function , which is a replacement for solar cells . The difference being captures the 24 hour a day radiant energy , and each cell puts out 35 watts of useful energy which is several times that of a solar cell . It’s a ceramic material and not difficult to make . An American from NASA quit his job , went to the Philippines , got a Japanese partner and took a Patent there . They opened up business there and sold a very large amount of stock . Yes it works as presented except for the NEUTRINO GIMMICK . Let Me point out that no single cell battery or solar cell can equal this . Not only that , they do not deplete . Several of them together and You are in business . Best Regards , Don Smith
I have 3 hard drives on this computer with about 300 GByts about 90 % full . Their are 4 different Virus catchers , Norton , MacAfee , Penicillin and Spy Catcher . The show 22,120. different attempts at messing up this computer during the last 2 years . It appears someone is really intent on screwing things up. It’s enough to give one indigestion . It has a complete history which I will look at very close with some expert help to track down those responsible . I almost forgot but both in and out are checked . Highest Regards , Don Smith
Who on this site said OU was easy/simple
I certainly didn’t .Who on this site mentioned simple circuits . If component count is being said to fall in the simple bracket then o.k but the fine tuning is so very critical that most wouldn’t get it to run if they were given detailed directions .OU exists on a very fine line .Bearden and Don Smith have ample information to give to the world on OU but amazingly so most don’t want it enough to see between the lines they have made for the few that catch on . The earth battery approach is a solid approach and wasn’t mentioned until I did ( well, no if you consider Don’s similar device that was banned from similar site) and sure enough some folks still can’t beleive it .Should I post more technically advanced means of gaining OU ? Of course I have a half dozen failed devices and hundreds of dollars spent on them .My point is if you want it enough you’ll get it .Think beyond Ohms law
Dear All , I put a trail balloon out when last I started to explain a fully working and tested Device . I only got 1/3 the way there and got shouted down . This ominous development cause a change in plans . Two major publishers , one in Honkong and one in Germany approached me with offers to do my book . The Books will now cost $250. per copy verses for free due to bad behavior of the group . Regards , DS
Dear All
W ith My Inventions a corporation is formed , I furnish the technology and the investor funds the endeavor . I take shares which only become valuable as the shares become of value . I am open to two to three American Investors . There is a finders fee equal to several years salary available upon successful completion for each new venture . I have done his overseas and presently have more than 500 Million Shares , includes Worlds largest ship builder and Mitsubishi and several others . The prospective investor is required to have large resources and with an aggressive approach . For Your information those shares are presently worth $50. each . Have a nice day , DS
Clear the air
It’s generally accepted that matter is forever and that it only changes shape . It’s also generally accepted that when matter changes from one form to another that excess energy there from this is named free energy . This is electron spin energy [ electro magnetic ] [ ambient background ] and does not degrade in any way the system . The Establishment uses shifty naming systems to degrade and confuse these issues . Most notable is the misleading term ZERO POINT ENERGY which is intentionally misleading . The publish or perish crowd love since it makes them appear to know more than someone else . Have a nice day , DS
Earth crust energy
Metals simply conduct electricity as apposed to non-metals when struck produce negative electrons .70% of the earth’s exposed crust consists of silicone related non-metal thus becoming a source of energy when properly agitated .Grounding into the earth and also the atmosphere becomes an undiminishable source of free energy constantly being replenished by solar/cosmic energies
Emailing: radiant_energy_diatribe
Radiant Energy DiatribeMy two cents ! By altering the ground plane You can get several millon times improvment . Govner to be Jimmy Davis , hustory proffsor at LSU in baton Rough , new at politics was up against the Hueghy P. Long maffia out of New Orleans . To make it short all the media including radio and news papers included . One postage stamp sized local transmitter only from a friend allowed Davis to advertise . The 50 wqtts available could only reach the city limits . I advised him to soak the earth grounding with salt water , All points world wide then had greater signal strenth than million watt stations then available . This was how Davis won the election . Something to think about , Don Smith
(Following the email was a text Included from
DON SMITH basic circuit
—– Original Message —–
From: “Ben
To: “overunity2001”
Sent: Friday, November 07, 2003 4:40 AM
Subject: Re: Essential Parts
Hi Stefan,
I’ll attach a quick drawing from memory.
I did not save file due to obvious problems with circuit.
Sorry I can’t do better. Did a quick search of my hard drive, didn’t save it!
Check the original message, mine had the file attached. I think mine got sent to me before he deleted attachments on the list.
Stefan , this is more or less item #’s 9 and 10 on my website . Where it shows a battery , place a high powered diode in and replace the battery with one of Maxwell’s new super capacitors . You can also place in series an out put transformer for experimental load . Have a nice day , DS
The off – on disturbs the electrons , any method including a plane spark gap will do . An input diode can do the job. The capacitor determines the out put . Whenever pressure put on the input plate it duplicates itself from the ambient background . This then feeds the output to earth ground . Being a blocking device no energy passes through capacitor, The output in series into the earth grounding provides an endless energy source . No energy leaves the input capacitor . Therefore all energy from the action in excess of the input and is named free energy based Gibb’s . The capacitor used determines the power output . Therefore any and all of my Devices work exactly as I say . USE YOUR BRAIN FOR GOSH SAKES . Regards , Don Smith
 Here is a nice picture of your drawing…
 You might want to upload it into your folder in the group file section.
Bargain CF from Nigeria!
Please do some research on the scams comming out of Nigeria. Remember our law does not reach over to Nigeria so you will have no recourse if anything goes sour.
I’d rather tear a postage stamp up and put it in the recycle bin because I’d get more satisfaction.
Norman , please contact me privately . Don Smith
Norman , what do You think ? The sharks circling convinced me that this kind of information is not good for ones health . I am working with several of my regular clients presently . There is a bonus of 3 years salary for a contact that results in a buyer contract , I have done this several times before . I take shares in a new company which is formed , who’s value depends it’s increase in value when marketed . Small upfront and 51 % to the technology . Validating the license requires successful on the market within one year . Certain minimums are also required . I have several hundred other similar inventions , all have worldwide patent searches and nowhere exist . Any how would appreciate Your comments . DS
Don Smith succeeders to organize
Chris , no problem . I am just back from trip out of town . When I get rested up , maybe tomorrow I will make sure that you will run those trouble makers crazy . Very Best Wishes , DS
Chris , for starting go to then continue down the list to Frank Wyatt Prentice’s Electrical Power Accumulator , this Device works as stated . When properly constructed it works exactly as stated . The 3 Kwatts is not to be sneezed at. My devices are a vast improvement Prentice’s . If and when You get Your Device up and running I will supply You with additional information which will move You in as a big winner . Regards , Don Smith
I have read that nobody succeed in reproduce Mr. Wyatt results.
There would be something missing on that patent.
Mark Jordan
Mark , thank you very kindly . Don’t believe the gossip mill . It’s very clear and as simple as it gets . He states that he uses telluric [ earth ] currents . They are every where present , but there are several things about them that You need to know . There are special maps used by the Geologist which show these energy sources in detail . What part of the World are You located . I am a Professional Engineer and work with these things . If I have your personal e-mail I will send You a nice map showing what I have told You about . You can then post to the group . Regards , Don Smith
Emailing: DonSuccess1
Donald Smith:
Smith Device, Successful Test
Report of Success with Smith’s Device
 Energy Experiment ADAM Interface
 Sunday November 18, 2001
Inventor Don Smith has created numerous devices that are related to creation of excess energy. Little is known of any of these devices by the transmutation team, but for reference an experiment was conducted with the device shown on the following URL.
Mr. Smith has reportedly observed numerous observations and anomalies from their experimentation in the area of free energy. However, they have never been able to provide a total replication.
In a total blind study it was determined to interface ADAM with his device to see the output energy could be increased or changed on demand.
Experimental Conditions
The device is located at the following coordinates:
8110 Bent Oak Lane
Spring TX 77379
Device is a ~14 inch in diameter toroid that is energized by a small battery
The battery drives an inverter that drives a fluorescent tube transformer
This transformer connects to the toroid and the output of the toroid is connected to a bank of capacitors
The output of the toroid is alternating current (60 Hz)
The experiment was witnessed in Spring, Texas by the following:
Don Smith inventor
Roland F. Harvey associate of Don Smith
Steve C. Johnson Engineer for Raytheon in Waco, Texas
Experiment the ADAM Connection
It was reported that this device had not been operated for over a year and the battery had only a 2.9 volt potential. When the circuit was activated the AC output to the capacitor bank was ~220 volts.
When the ADAM technology was activated the output went to ~240 volts and stabilized. The voltage was further raised by the ADAM technology to 290 volts then to 350 volts. The observers reported that the only power to the device was the one battery.
Accepting the assumption that the ADAM technology was operating the equipment I requested that they disconnect the battery. Upon disconnecting the battery Mr. Smith and his observers reported that the voltage fell to ~170 V (AC) and remained stable. Upon reconnection of the battery the voltage returned to ~350V. This process was repeated several times.
Upon disengaging of the ADAM technology the voltage was reported to return to the original 220 VAC and with the ADAM technology disconnected there was no output voltage when the battery was removed from the circuit.
An important note the ADAM technology resides in Kingman, Arizona. There were no wires, connections or associated apparatuses of the technology located in vicinity of Mr. Smith’s device.
The entire experiment was controlled from 1,200 miles away.
Anyone reviewing this report must accept one of the following as to the reality of this experiment.
§ The test was not accomplished and the parties involved conceived a very interesting tale to share with you.
 § The events observed and reported by Mr. Smith and his observers were events that would have occurred without the application of the ADAM technology.
§ The events that were observed were in fact the relationship of the ADAM technology with the device that Mr. Smith constructed.
This report is factual. However, it is up to the reviewer to develop their opinion.
I was approached by Joe Champion (the ADAM project). What he presented to me was totally off the wall and It was a scam and I wanted nothing to do with it.
It is true that this ADAM project is not credible. There claim is related to remote viewing type non-sense but going a step further in effecting physical objects. In this case, energy.
I know of one other person who has duplicated Don’s ambient energy device. He has a device that is obtaining energy from the planet. I have a video showing the device working but the inside components are not shown. Last I spoke to him he promised to make a better video for me. He is using Don’s circuit and one of my circuit techniques he tells me. I will be looking into this further and will report back what I find.
-Bruce P.
build your own gaussmeter
Howard , magnetic resonance flux which is every where present in huge amounts having a Gauss Meter is very important . One milli Gauss is 100 Volts of resonace flux . If PRENTICE or MORAY had known about this rest would have been HISTORY . Using a magnetometer in placing the magnetic dipoles , instead of 3 Kilowatts for PRENTICE would have been MEGAWATTS . This very correct as I use Gauss Meters Professionally for more than 60 years . Don Smith
Emailing: overview
AML – Magnetostrictive Materials Overview Guys , this is what I use t . Don Smith

Magnetostrictive Materials Background
UCLA – Active Materials Lab
Geoffrey P. McKnight
Magnetostrictive materials are broadly defined as materials that undergo a change in shape due to change in the magnetization state of the material. Nearly all ferromagnetic materials exhibit a change in shape resulting from magnetization change. In most common materials, nickel, iron, and cobalt, the change in length is on the order of 10 parts per million (see figure at right). In addition, the change in volume is very small. This type of magnetostriction has been termed Joule magnetostriction after James P. Joule’s discovery in the 1850’s. The relatively small change in shape of these materials limited their use in engineering. Initial sonar designs contemplated exploiting the magnetostrictive effect, but were left unexplored due to advances in piezoelectric materials such as quartz and Rochelle salt, and later lead zirconium titanate (PZT).
The engineering era of magnetostrictive materials began with the discovery of giant (1000’s of ppm) magnetostriction in rare earth alloys during the 1960’s by A.E. Clark and others. The culmination of research into a engineering alloy incorporating rare earth materials was Terfenol-D, a specially formulated allow of Terbium, Dysprosium, and Iron that exhibits large magnetostriction at room temperature and relatively small applied fields. Earlier alloys exhibited large magnetostriction, but either at very large magnetic fields, or at cryogenic temperatures, or both. Terfenol-D overcame the temperature difficulty by incorporating a RFe2 microstructure which raised the curie temperature above room temperature. The necessary magnetic field was reduced by balancing the ratio of Terbium and Dysprosium, two elements with oppositely signed magnetocrystalline anisotropy, such that effective anisotropy of the compound was near zero at room temperature. Since this time, Terfenol-D has become the preeminent magnetostrictive material, although research continues into new materials constantly.
Magnetostriction measurements made by Bidwell (1890) of nickel wires under various levels of tension. Note maximum magnetostriction is on the order of 40 pats per million. Magnetostriction and magnetization of Terfenol-D at room temperature for compressive preload from 4 to 39 MPa (Wun-Fogle et al. 1999). Note that the peak magnetostriction (1400 ppm) is two orders of magnitude greater than nickel.
Properties of Terfenol-D
Terfenol-D is an intermettalic compound of the C15 Laves phase structure that is silver in color and brittle at room temperature. The table at right list some physical constants measured by various researchers. The saturation magnetization is approximately 1.0 T at room temperature. As seen at right, many of the material constants vary widely depending on the initial and final magnetic states. For instance, if deformation associated with domain wall motion accounts for a significant portion of the material deformation, the effective modulus is reduced and can be as low as 10 GPa. These changes in material properties must be accounted for in material design but also may be exploited as in passive energy absorption mechanisms.
Basic Operation of Magnetostrictive Materials
The operation of magnetostrictive materials like Terfenol-D can be understood using a simple ellipse model, pictured at right. The material may be thought of as an ellipse where the magnetization runs along the longest axis. Applying a field to the ellipse has the result of rotating the magnetization in the direction of the field and subsequently observing a change in shape.
The magnetostriction may be increased over the previous case by first applying a “preload” to the material and then applying a magnetic field. This process is pictured at right. By rotating the ellipses perpendicular to the applied field before applying the field, the total magnetostriction, e, is increased over the non-preloaded case. In practice most magnetostrictive actuation devices incorporate a preloading mechanism to benefit from this effect.
New Magnetostrictive Materials
A new class of magnetostrictive materials has recently been intensively investigated. These materials have been termed Ferromagnetic Shape Memory Alloy Materials (FSMA). They exhibit a twinning mechanism similar to that observed in traditional SMA materials such as NiTi and CuZn. However, in a FSMA the shape change may be initiated using an applied magnetic field. The translation of a twin boundary due to an applied magnetic field is shown schematically at right. This class of materials is potentially more important for actuation than traditional SMA’s due to the possible of relatively high frequency operation. These materials, principally NiMnGa alloys, have exhibited up to 9% magnetic field controlled strain in single crystal specimens.
Another material recently investigated is an iron/gallium alloy termed Galfenol by its inventors at the Naval Surface Warfare Center (Clark et al.). Building upon studies performed with iron/aluminum alloys in the 70’s, researchers discovered that magnetostriction peaked in iron/gallium alloys at a volume fraction of 17% gallium. Single crystal Galfenol exhibits magnetostriction on the order of 400 ppm at low applied fields. In addition, unlike Terfenol-D, Galfenol is tough and may be machined and used in devices where Terfenol-D may fracture. While the magnetostriction mechanism in Galfenol is still under investigation, the magnetostriction seems to be more similar to the classic magnetostriction of iron and nickel than the newer giant magnetostrictive alloys.
Translation of a twin boundary in a FSMA material due to the application of a magnetic field resulting in deformation. (O’Handley et al. 1998)
Composite Materials
While Terfenol-D and other magnetostrictive materials are potentially important as actuator materials, some limitations have limited their adoption over more traditional piezoelectric and electrostrictive materials. The two most important issues are eddy current losses due to high frequency operation, and poor durability. Due to the time changing magnetic field used to actuate Terfenol-D, eddy currents are developed within the actuator material itself and hamper its use at frequencies above 2 kHz. Polymer matrix composites, using a particulate form of the magnetostrictive material, essentially eliminate eddy current losses to 100 kHz and beyond. Furthermore, the polymer matrix used to bind the particulate produces a relatively tough material that can better accommodate tensile and shear loading states. Hoping to take advantage of these benefits, research into magnetostrictive composite materials has been performed at UCLA since 1994.
More Information
a.. Hathaway, K. and Clark, A. E., “Magnetostrictive Materials,” MRS Bulletin, 34-41, April, 1993.
 b.. Clark, A.E., “Magnetostrictive rare earth-Fe2 Compounds,” in Ferromagnetic Materials: A Handbook on the Properties of Magnetically Ordered Substances Vol. 1, Wolfarth, E.P., ed., 531-589, 1980.
 c.. McKnight, G.P., See Ch. 2 – Introduction in [112] Oriented Magnetostrictive Composites, PhD Thesis, UCLA, 2002.

Paul Brown’s Over Unity Device experience is very similar to many which the same which I have I have had . However I use extensive electronic simulators so I got it right the first go around . Several hundred very different Devices have resulted . Money not being a problem every thing was first class . DS
Inventor’s Weekend 2004 Pre-announcement
Bruce , It’s a very special place , that history will long remember . I will discuss in detail that which most are blinded by special interest . The simplicity of the Device will cause many to take a second look at their research methods . Look forward to the meeting , Don Smith
powertrain sites
I went to both links supplied in the last digest for dagafeed and there is nothing there but an email address and some graphics. How do you enter the site. I clicked on everything there. I saw no explination or diagrams or anything.
Michael Couch
POWERTRAIN does not yet have a web site, although it has been fully documented throughout the internet. I shall built a web site for my POWERTRAIN concept soon. Right now I am working with the DoE on a $250,000 research grant.
Thank You, David Adams
You All ! And the train that could Poo , a recent Mexican Patent Filing related to rotating iron wheels of locomotives . The resonate electromagnetic energy produced by the rotating iron wheels is enormous and requires special grounding to prevent a disaster . You will have to get Your own copy . The grounding if feed through a transformer system is in the high MEGAWATT RANGE , Regards , Don Smith
Also note : the use of magnetic resonance resulting in negative resistance which amplifies the power out . The stainless steel plates do this , and are very noisy . Regards , Don Smith
Don, are you saying we should use stainless steel for the core in MEG2?
Please explain.
Yes that is correct . This is based upon an experiment using L-2 Coils when winding upon stainless steel tubing , when in use the electric lights for miles around light without being turned on . Regards , Don Smith
I am confused, “..electric lights for miles around light without being turned on .” ?? sounds interesting, please explain. I am more curious now than before. lol 😉
Interested You should be . To explorer this further requires a verifiable name and background information . Regards , Don Smith
Howard Rogers:
What about copper plated stainless steel laminated as the core?
The copper will probably cause sparking . DS
Fw: Info
Steve , thanks for the nice response . As an introduction . More than 2000 webservers worldwide carry my website which is strongly represented in Eastern Europe . One of these persons located in Croatia duplicated one of my projects and without telling me , wound his Tesla Coil on a stainless steel tube [ 4 in dia ] unexpected results were extremely noisy and horrific energy display , which I previously mentioned . It has commercial possibilities and there are no plans which I am aware of for development . So go for but be very careful . There are many kinds of stainless steel , Regards Don Smith
Ted , this is the energy source demonstrated by my before a large audience of energy professionals on 1908 , being described in detail in the document sent You earlier today . When and if , You and your crew get tired of confidently playing ignorant , let me know , we have serious business that needs prompt attention. Regards , Don Smith
My Patent filing earlier this year . Regards , D.S.
Building a Free Energy Car
Nicolas , please see , I have a self propelled electric airplane in commercial production , a full sized automobile is a peace of cake . Some of the Devices I built 20 years ago are shown on my web site . Have a nice day , Don Smith
You won’t believe this!
Butch LaFonte:
just talked to the people at GMC Holding and they say the motor/generator is closed loop with no batteries or external power source! They will demo it by appointment. It can run closed loop indefinitely. They have called Fox news and are trying to get on television and will be pursuing other news media. I live about 10 hours by car and I am going to see a demo of it in closed loop and video it. I will video every angle and do close up video on parts if they will allow me.
They do use capacitors, but they can only last for so long.
I want to see it run for 1 hour with a load on it before I will feel they have a true overunity machine. I will keep you posted.
Butch LaFonte
Dear All , an Aircraft Starter – Generators with the circuitry rearranged can easily do this , I discuss it and the implications in My web site of 9 years ago . Regards , Don Smith
Re: counterpoint to Decker?
Sterling D. Allan:
Do you have witnesses I could talk to? Data I could view?
a.. Jerry Decker on Don Smith – KeelyNet founder tells of personal experience over the years with Don Smith, who claims to have working ZPE prototypes. Says the claims are bogus. Further investigation needed. Counterpoint pending. (PESWiki; Dec. 18)

I would like to be able to defend you if there is a defense.


Sterling , this Spin control using Decker as a stooge is a fabrications curtsey agents of the US Government . I have computer software which locates intrusions into ones computer , tracks them down and identifies the guilty parties . To a knowing person intentionally malicious diatribes should be obvious . I have taken the precaution of placing my technology in many places outside of US control . Should I be taken out , the US would immediately become a third world country . I spent more than 10 years working and trying to give – donate the technology to the people of the US . The DOE in return classified me as a very dangerous enemy of the state . Jerry Decker sold out to this malicious group which uses as their center an 8 floor underground structure near Denver , Colorado . They have an elite group called DEAR HUNTERS who use various electronic methods which leave little evidence when they murder someone . Being classified as an enemy of the system is the trigger [ OIL ]. Best Regards . Don Smith
Sterling is in no position to request data from you or anyone. I don’t know who he thinks he is but he has shown that he is not qualified to make a proper assessment of your technology. You don’t need this BS at the end of your life journey. Sit back and enjoy the rest of the ride and let a few of us deal with the flies and maggots.
Dear All , Your attention is called to the FACT THAT super conduction occurs naturally at room temperature as a part of RADIO FREQUENCY RESONANCE ATTAINMENT . Why are most people confidently ignorant of this ????, Regards D.S.
Devices using perm magnets
Dear All , using none technical terms will try to explain what You are having problems with . User description is advise when encountering the half full – half empty syndrome – debate . The magnetic intensity level available is set in the activation process . The sensitation level reflects – activates a portion of the ambient resonate background energy – everywhere present in humongous amounts . Various Devices collect this energy which replaces it’s self without diminishing it’s source . Let my know if this is helpful . Regards , D.S.

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