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June 23, 2016

This is the collection of files Don used to sell as a CD called “Don’s Note Book” along with his PDF book. It contains lots of saved websites that he considered interesting or important, few slides of his devices and some personal photos as well (e.g. his house/office at 8110 Bent Oak, Spring, TX).

Few things that I noticed:

  • The archive is still missing most of slides that Don used to show at conferences. Someone must have deleted them
  • An AmiPro document (India1.sam) describing a contract between TransWorld Energy and Everest companies and formation of a joint venture
  • A resonance calculator that Don used for his Piezoelectric (Cockroft-Walton) generator. It gives some insight as to how those cylindrical shapes were tuned
  • A resonance calculator that Don used for calculating monopole and dipole antenna loading coils
  • European patent enrolment form that lists his date and place of birth (31 Oct 1928) and that in turn helped me to figure out the date and place of death (18 Nov 2010, Trenton, TX), as well as all his relatives and all addresses where he has lived including the current address/phone of his son – Demarcus A Smith

Also, It seems that in 2001 Don founded a new company called Resmag Energy located in Sugar Land, TX. It could also be that TransWorld Energy was renamed to Resmag Energy. There are contact details available on the internet.

You can download the library ZIP here

NOTE: some files come without an extension. They are either HTML, JPG, GIF or PDF. You can figure out the file type by opening it in some text editor. Then add the correct extension to get it recognized by the OS.

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  1. Hi, it seems this link is having issues in downloading the complete zip file. The download stops before completion. Any solution to this pls.

  2. May The Almighty God bless U. Thanks for your quick response, the zip file downloaded completely this time. The Google drive link U added is appreciated too, quite some stuffs I haven’t seen anywher else.

  3. Does anyone really work this device (that tried to replicated it)? I learn from Patrick Kelly, but I don’t get anything; (
    Primary side ok, there’s all right, but the output has no power. I wind the coils as described in the book by Kelly. Interested in me at least 1kw.

    1. Partick Kelly’s book is always useful to get some general information about the subject. As you go deeper, you figure out that there is too much speculation in those books and one needs to figure things out by his own experimentation – nothing will replace the experience you gain by doing it. There are no step-by-step instructions anywhere, if you find these, it will likely be a scam (in case it is a paid one). I would recommend you to join us at to get some more info.

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