(UPDATED) Rare pics of Don Smith device

November 4, 2015

EE checking waveform


Emmanuel Everest – Contractor (“Everest”, a Houston, Texas, USA company)


Roland F. Harvey – Managing director at “TransWorld Energy” (TWE)
Cockroft-Walton device (top one)
4 KW generator

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  1. Hello. There is a problem about the schematics part. Official schematics posted on the net and constructions will not work the way they are presented. They need fixing and this is where people get stuck. They would have been more productive if they started with the basics of Don's and that is the "Don Smith Effect" (see at the end of NuEnergy posts collection on this blog) and experimented on it, the rest of his devices are just a hinge off of that. Don Smith's discovery is what he calls a "Don Smith effect", where the charge if put on one plate of the capacitor, it duplicates the same charge on the second plate from the ambient background (air and earth groundings). This forms an open system, where the input never gets depleted. Capacitor used determines the power output as he mentions. This is different from the conventional closed circuits where the source is grounded back to itself (in other words, "+" sees "-" directly, the source is self-destroying). What he demonstrated on the 2005 Inventor's Weekend conference is rather simplified version demonstrating the open circuit concept. Capacitor he uses could be in the nanofarads range at best, the same experiment can be done with much larger capacitors yielding much larger power output.

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