Magnetic flux to electric flux – missing pieces of the puzzle?

October 31, 2015

This rare footage showing Don standing beside his Plasma Tube. Don is trying to demonstrate what he mentioned in every conference, I believe. When you have more of something and less of something, the movement will always be from the highest concentration to the lowest and the leg in-between them extracts useful energy from that movement. Water moving uphill, going back to sea level, as he liked to mention, is just one example of this. In case of Plasma Tube, we have disturbed ambient resulting in high concentration of (excited) electrons around the tube, trying to escape to earth ground (acting as a sort of reservoir) to regain ambient. Now the spark you get when bringing the earth ground to either of the coil ends, shows electrons disturbed just from one pulse or oscillation that Plasma Tube does and that repeats multiple times. Net effect is that there is a relatively small number of electrons jumping across the gap at any given moment of time. They are “neutralized” after the spark.
What you really need is to accumulate those electrons, hence the need for a resonance. Add a capacitor and tune it to match the frequency that tube outputs. Now this LC tank circuit will act as a pump that draws in the electrons resulting from the disturbed ambient around the tube. Only after the energy in the tank reaches a certain level (capacitor has a certain charge on it), you discharge it to earth ground through the useful load such as a stepdown transformer, This discharge process now involves larger amount of electrons compared to what you had from a simple discharge as demonstrated in the video. Isn’t that what Don was talking about in one of his videos (the one that had bonus footage at the end)? Now please watch it again to understand it better..

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  1. Zed – You have labeled this correctly. I almost missed the importance of this video, because it looks like NOTHING unless you have experimented with a plasma globe. If you have —you realize there is no way you can pull that amount of spark out of a globe. Even if you wrap the illuminated side with tin foil to capture energy, your spark to Earth Ground is tiny, What you are collecting in that case, is the electrical field energy. The energy harvest in the video is different. What Don Smith is doing in the video is wrapping the base where the effective Tesla coil is, and collecting the magnetic energy. The puzzle: How does a coil of wire wrap around the base pull that magnetic energy? It is the correct length of wire to be a wavelength even multiple of the device magnetic radiation. The wire vibrates as the scaler magnetic pulse impacts it influencing the electrons to move back and forth creating a standing wave…i.e., resonance.

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