(UPDATED) Compilation of important info Don Smith shared to NuEnergy Yahoo group

January 18, 2015


Below is a collection of very interesting questions and answers extracted from NuEnergy Yahoo group where Don shared invaluable information over the years

Q:          Is there a minimum voltage required for the EES device? I have a run capacitor that is rated at about 5 mfd and 500 volts and a full wave rectifier rated also at 500 volts. Can I build one that will be effective at several hundred volts instead of several thousand?
A:            It’s best to think in terms of One Volt Ampere, One Joule, One Watt, One Coulomb, One Farad. All at one second are the same unit of Power. Therefore if You want ( 10 Amps at 100 Volts ) You need to pump the farad a certain number of times per second to maintain the energy level You require. Since most of the capacitors You will encounter are milli, micro, pico, nano and billy goat. You first must place the decimal in relation to the storage value of the capacitor. For example You mentioned 5 mfd, that’s three zeros worth a 5 inserted or .005 of a farad. being one volt over .005. Therefore .005 devided into whatever Volt Amperes will tell you the required CPS or pump strokes per second to obtain the energy level requested. the little m is three zero places. Obviously the operating range listed on the capacitor should be several times the planed usage rate. The Capacitor is a DC Storage Device. Therefore You need to put a diode before it for two reasons, one a diode yields pulsating DC and two as a kickback one way protector. Now if You wan’t to do AC, the capacitor has to be an electrolytic one which has a plus and a negative side. Put the kickback diode on the plus input side of the High Voltage module. That .005 capacitor requires 5000 cycles per second for one volt ampere. Therefore if You wan’t a continous 120 watts multiple that times 5000 for the required frequency of operation to produce the energy You desire. See there is nothing to It when You know where You are going. To answer Your other Question, it can be any wattage range in the book, it’s users choice. You are the Boss.

Q:           If we suppose we are working in DC, then the CPS is it the natural resonance of coil/cap or the one from the transformer if we suppose ? Then at what level apply (J= .5C*V^2) CPS^2, at the resonance of the first circuit or to the second resonant tank? The farad is it the farad of the cap of the first resonant circuit? or the Farad of the cap of the second circuit
A:           each stage is it’s own Device, several stages, several Devices. I hope, I understood the question!
Q:           When you talk about the 50 farad capacitor, do you mean on the L1 or the L2 at the exit?
A:           Remember I use separate modules for differing functions. Exiting from the L-2 the energy goes into a module which changes the High Frequency and High Voltage to pulsating DC which goes to the next module. This module takes the High Voltage DC and temporarily stores it in a super capacitor and special battery combination, which yields instantaneous power foreword to a heavy duty converter module which shapes and prepares the energy for end use requirements. Depending on the switching devices used this energy can be very substantial. In addition I add in other modules which use the energy radiated and normally wasted, such that feedback from this wasted energy results in self sustainable energy devices which require no external power once running.

Q:           You say one farad one volt, then if we want to reach 120 volts, so what do we do with the amperage?
A:           Equal and opposite of electrical systems which the establishment insist upon tells You that magnetic and electrical are equal. Since magnetic and amperage are such that any current movement creates a magnetic field. Therefore from a practical stand point Voltage and Amperage (movement) are required for useful energy. Now when High Voltage exist it does not exist alone. Therefore in transformers when changing from high voltage to lower voltage, the necessary lowering of the voltage is compensated by an increase in amperage. In short in lowering from High Voltage to 120 Volts, a great deal of current movement which can temporarily be stored ( dammed up for use ) Capacitors store energy as Coulombs which is Joules per second or Watts which is Volts X Amperes. That’s how You get the required amperage to go with the 120 volts.

Q:           As you present in your book about the the coil making, suppose we have a 10 feet secondary, about 20 turns, then around 10 picofarad. L1 about 10 feet either 10 turns, and a variable picofarad to tune L1 to L2. And for sure we have a spark plug as gap. About transfo 2400 volt DC. In that specific context how to apply your formula:J=(.5C * V^2)cps^2
A:            pico is beyond nano which decimal point and 9 zeros on the negative side. You have a device which requires super fine tuning mixed with a spark gap which is as crude as tuning gets. It would be a miracle if You get it to work.
Q:           If we look at this Tesla discussion, it seem to be that current is appropriate and EM field is lost energy.
A:            Electromagnetic Field, Lost Energy!!. Electro and Magnetic are the equal and opposite of Lenz’s Law. Without one the other does not exist. The System is a Dipole and when something interferes with the Symmetry, it is referred to as broken. At that point useful energy can be extracted to the extent that the dipole is interfered with. The magnetic side which passes through almost every thing without significant loss will replicate as many times as You wish, which in turn is easily changed-flipped into useful electrical energy. The electrons present in the flipping area provide energy not previously present. This is seen as free energy. It’s the same energy provided by the normal conventional devices. The difference is a more intelligent way of getting it.
Q:           I just came across this tonight. Below is an excerpt from NIKOLA TESLA ON HIS WORK WITH ALTERNATING CURRENTS. This is very relevant to what I’m trying to prove in the way of longitudinal waves. Here Tesla clearly speaks of the difference between EM and current…
A:            Current is movement. With out the off and on switching seen in resonance, spark gaps and various timing combinations, normally two of the three, capacitance, inductance and resistance, no current-movement of energy can occur. There is an overlap between current and inductance. The unit of measurement for movement is amps.
Q:           Than what is the best way to handle spark gap at high frequency How do you manage it in your systems, I have not yet see a palce in your litterature where this subject is covered? and i think it is the basis of your system…
A:            spark gaps and lightening arrestors, spark plugs included when I use them are not used as a or frequency or device timing. I use them for spike, overload and lightning protection. I use high quality capacitors, resistors and inductors.
Q:           At your opinion what would be the best way to tune such system, do you think that there is something that we have not catch ? We are open to all suggestion and good ideas. In your analogy schematic you indicate Off/On grounding switch… So how do you make and control your switching, and wich switching device do you prefer to make work your system properly?
A:            The best is to plan the construction, so no tuning is required, if so, very little, then the pica and nano farad capacitors can be used. I think where the confusion is surfacing is that capacitors are also used as temporary storage prior to continuing on into the load. This is the tricky part because it must supply ample coulombs ( volt amperes ) to the requirements. Best bet is to build the separate basic ciruits used seperate boards so they can be switched in and out until You settle on the particular Device that matches Your changing requirements. There are several circuits involved which with time and knowledge may change. keep the high voltage module separate, keep the temporary storage and inverter modules separate. as well as the final usage module. Set them up such that a particular board can be used in many ways for latter experiments. Saves buying a lot of possibly expensive components many times. The high voltage modules are already made in many and varied outputs. Do not go for the highest or biggest of fancyist. One to two thousand volts works just fine and preferably with a low amperage, 12 volt DC is just fine. The Idea being with a known input and latter a known output makes it easy to assess the results. I would recommend the Device photo # 2 on My Website with the small Tesla Coil output with the 3 separate Coils which duplicate the energy field from the center output. The ready made Coils shown B and W Coils ( They are on the Internet ) Each of the separate receiving Coils have a tunable mica capacitor and a tunable resistor in the circuit Neon 2 lights with the resistor on one leg are from Radio Shack and are placed with the resistor leg attached to the circuit of each of the receiving coils. This simplifies seeing the energy present when the coils are tuned to the sending Coil in the center. Star out with something that’s manageable until You get the concept and then get complicated if You wish. Otherwise frustration will win.

Q:           I have finally assembled most of what I need to start building. I have a question about the frequency and wavelength. When you use a neon light transformer that operates at 30khz that coresponds to a wavelength of 9,993 meters. What do you typically divide that by to get a resonable length to make a coil?
A:Use and even division or multiple of and allow and extra inch or so. The length includes the rat tails used for connecting. 30,000 divided into the speed of light will give the wave length. Two things, there is a considerable argument as to the speed of light and a special conference was held and they simply voted what they thought might be the speed of light. There are great variations so it’s a shoot in the dark. Once built You can locate the nodes where resonate points occur and then trim the coil ends to match. Physics Books show an experiment using a single wire of about one meter in length with a small LED which is moved along which lights at the resonate nodes. The Neon-2 bean sized diodes with the resistor on one leg that Radio Shack sells work just fine. You will be working harmonics of the frequency since a wire length mentioned is impractical. Radio Type Devices do this all the time. Good Luck.
Q:           Dr. Smith, I have read an article about a russian free energy researcher named Melnitchenko or Melnitchenko, who is working with resonance based power multiplying free energy devices. (http://www.keelynet.com/energy/rpe.htm) Your devices, as I can see mostly resonant circuits, too. I see if I drive a parallel resonant tank circuit with a small power exiting source oscillator, than in the tank circuit MUCH larger currents building up. And the source is just a source of voltage, not current. The current is minimal, only needed to maintain the resonance. But how to tap this high power tank circuit ? Parallel to the coil and the caps, or put the load into the tank circuit Please help us. Now I experimenting with low voltage oscillators, and noticed a real power amplifying effect, but this is not really usable. High voltages in the tank circuit gives more power ?
A:            Thank You for the nice note. The answer is Yes, 100%. The answer is that I am much advanced beyound the person in Russia. I get thousands of times more out than in. Typically one of the Devices which I am presently working on uses radiation from Plasma Tubes and the Heaviside Current described by Bearden. With small sized energy collectors with 24 watts in, it’s 61 KW out. I can do much better with properly configured collectors. The amerage is 134 for the device described. So, when someone tells You it’s not possible, just smile. Jerry Decker and associates know this, but insist on being Jerks. Rotten is as Rotten does ! The net effect is very damaging to their longevity.
Q:           resonance is very important if you are going to obtain energy from an external source. However, when we are trying to get energy from the cosmos the wavelengths are much shorter than what the average experimenter is used to seeing in their experiments.
A:            Very true, very true, however this energy is washed into the Earth’s Ambient Background as a part of the whole. Going for it directly requires specilized knowledge. In part this energy is the energy seen in magnets or temporary magnet systems. Their degree of permeability acts as an antenna type device. A constant level of energy is cycling through this material such that this continues possibly forever. It’s radiation is detected when wires or coils of wire conductors pass through it’s area of influence. Simple way isto indirectly intercept and capture as useful energy. Useful energy is that which is temporarly disturbed and is on the return to ambient. It can be greater than Ambient through resonnance or less than ambient, the difference being useful.
Q:           I see if I drive a parallel resonant tank circuit with a small power exiting source oscillator, than in the tank circuit MUCH larger currents building up. And the source is just a source of voltage, not current. But how to tap this high power tank circuit ? Parallel to the coil and the caps, or put the load into the tank circuit Please help us. Now I experimenting with low voltage oscillators, and noticed a real power amplifying effect, but this is not really usable. High voltages in the tank circuit gives more power ?
A:           Potential is one thing, current occures only when disipating into an earth or air grounding. It’s the magnetic field/waves that You need to capture. When they pass through aconductor material the electron cloud at it’s surface, ( electrons flip ) changing to the electrical radiation component. In this action which has been going on for more than 4 billion years has not in any way dimenished the electrons presetnly yielding useful energy. When in the magnetic wave/field stage the conservation of energy laws do not apply. To see this, a radio or TV Station when radiating their magnetic wave siginal has no drawdown, wheather one customer or millions. Magnetic waves freely pass through most conductive materials as undimenished. They induce energy collection and movement, which can be used. Otherwise they deflect, reflect or absorbe. When passing through the Earth they absorbe becoming heat. This in part is the infrared heat seen inside Your automobile on a sunny day.
Use an inexpensive Gauss Meter such as “Electrosensor” to determine the flux background which is available. This is available on the internet for about $35. plus or minus ). Then a cheep Frequency Meter ($65.) from Radio Shack to determine the frequency. Then build as many seperate coil sets as needed for the output required. They have to be tuned to the frequency of the radiating magnetic waves.
If on the additional coil sets You makethe receiving coil the L-1 and the output as the L-2, the potential can become megawatts very quickly. High Voltage is only useful when properly disipated into a proper grounding. When You flip the on switch at Your House You are doing just that on a small scale.
Low voltage, no problem, it’s the frequency which flips the electrons, producing at the same time 50% electrical and 50% magnetic energy which when impactig switches to the opposit form of energy.
Power is only seen when energy is dissipated. This is a very different animal. Any time You have High Potential, power is the controlled dissipation process making it useful.
Q:           I am Intrigued. Can you possibly, please, provide me with further information for a simple experiment would prove and verify your claims.
A:           In order to put this in focus and see where I am coming from, You must obtain a couple of simple test instruments. The ones I recommend are the none contact Voltage detector ( used for locating and tracing wires from their magnetic component.) One manufactured by GREENLEE, Catalog No. 1110 for voltage range 50-600 AC, Cost here at Hardware Stores is about $12.00. and a simple Gauss Meter called Electrosensor (electromagnetic field sensor) ( $35. ) calibrated in milligauss. Both are on the internet. The object being that when an electric field is present there is always an equal and opposite magnetic field present. Therefore as a none contact and non obstruction way of measuring, one knowing the other is present tells Us immediately that 50% of the energy is radiated as wasted from conventional Devices. Due to resistivity causing heat loss and limiting the electrical component results in only a small part of the electrical system being productive, less than an estimated 2 or 3 %. This is known by those who plan the conventional system, so that waste and inefficiency will be the captor. The sensors listed above are an el cheapo way to see this in action. When any electrical component or Device is operational it is radiating as wasted the magnetic component and especially the MilliGauss Meter can tell You the amount. One Milligauss is the magnetic flux equivalent of approximately 100 Volts of active energy. From a 120 Volt Device in action, You will see readings like between say 2 and 30 Milligauss. At this point if a method of capture is used, the wasted energy is many times greater than that being used. The result is a Device which has put back into the System Energy many times greater than what is thought to be all there is. This energy is derived from disturbing the Earth’s Ambient electromagnetic background which is also where conventional electrical devices get their energy. Generators do not make electricity, they only harvest that which is disturbed by the rotating magnet and coils arrangement. My devices simply utilize in a more correct way so more of the energy is available, which is many times greater than that available through the Stupid Devices Pandered by the conventional systems. Hope this might clear some of the fog intentionally put there by the establishment.
Q:           Then in the example you mention in a system at 120 V we can read between 2 to 30 Gauss, and you mentioned that 1 milligauss is APPRox: 100 volts ,so how to make a correction?to know the exact voltage at the L2 of your system?and how to know it is VA or VAR?
A:            Don’t mix bananas, oranges and cactus. The statement was the energy present, not the energy being used. Obviously 2 gauss is the magnetic flux equivalent of 200 plus watts. ( volt amperes). Think of the milligauss as being Volt Amperes with VAR being an artificial number related to all the components of the system in action and their composite contribution. It’s obvious then that the energy present and being actively used are two separate items.
Q:           Could you please give a hint on what might be a good frequency to start at with the magnetic resonance circuit, KHZ or MHZ?
A:            I like to work with battery powered 12 Volt, neon tube transformers. Their operating frequency is 20-30,000 cps. This happens to be in the frequency range which Hulga Clark uses for much of her work. It’s in a range which is mostly harmless to humans and deadly to disease mechanisms including most viral which includes many so called incurables. My new fluorescent light bulb with the negative ion device built-in uses this same system and the Clark Frequencies (not mentioned in the packaging) as a bonus. In about one to two months these bulbs will be available for about $49, each at Home Depot, Radio Shack and many other places all at once. The bulbs give 100 watts worth of light for 20 watts of electricity and last 100,000 hours. My Tokyo Office is selling one million bulbs per month in Japan for the equivalent of $60. US. The factory which we own is stepping production to 5 million bulbs per month so that other markets can be serviced. Probably will also have a factory in Mexico. The Mexican Patent is pending. Japanese, US, WIPO and EPO Patents are Pending. The Bulb is called-marked “E-On light”. The factory is in Korea The Japanese and Korean counterparts came to Houston for the month of February for strategy planning for World Wide Distribution and My Input.
Q:           In addition to drawing in the energy from the vacuum in a cirduit, it would be very nice if one could refrain from killing the dipole with our closed circuit wiring. That is probably where Tesla was trying to go with his one wire circuits. That way one wouldn’t have to exert so much effort to make the dipole last. Any ideas in this department?
A:            Excellent ! Open circuits and none linear. External advantage: falling water, wind blowing, supper steam, radiant energy of any kind including ambient energy. Mechanical advantage: levers, pulley systems, hydraulic jacks, and various others. Physics teachers dare not mention the real nature of this. In electrical systems as in coils length = volts, diameter = amperage. Multistranded also adds to amperage. Vortex energy is a combination. Ohm’s law is king in closed circuits. Magnetic Resonance Power Systems such as the schematic recently posted is a good example.
Q:           Generaly speaking, in your system Is it better to work in DC instead of AC? What is the advantage ? Because in principle AC resonant tank resonate when the reactance of the inductor balance the reactance of the capacitor at a certain frequency. To do so must I either take in account the capacitance of the inductor mainly in the case of the L1? And what about the L2? What is the relation between inductance and self capacitance of an inductor? Or by convention when the total reactance is capacitive automatically resonnate at a frequency?
A:            High frequency changed to lower frequency requires going to DC first then to 60 CPS for instance. DC can be changed directly to any frequency. With AC the options are multiples or division of starting frequency. All components have both inductance and capacitance. This often screw’s up the desired effect. Sometimes have to use trial and error to approximate the desired results. Both tend to increase as the length of wire and number of turns increase. Everything is resonate at some frequency.
Q:           Mr Smith I am trying to figure out the purpose of the diode bridge in your design of your book Magnetic resonant energy systems, you start from a battery it seem to be DC at the begining, what should I understand? sIn the same disign at point nine it is writen Frequency adjustor, is it from there that we scale down the frequency to 60 Hz? about the lenght of the battery wire to the Hivoltage module if I have 10 feet on the L6 does it mean that 10 feet wire is ok to keep the battery charge?
A:            Will try to understand Your question. Are You asking why I call the diode bridge a frequency adjuster. If so, then HV and Radio Frequency both at the same time, for ease of changing to a much lower frequency ( 60 CPS at 120 Volts out) is simplified by first changing to pulsating DC by the diode bridge. Numbers 11 , 12 and 13 are voltage limiters for protecting the # 15 circuit which yields 60 CPS into the isolation transformer.

Q:           Mr Smith one question I am asking to myself, is about the concept of Bloch wall you are talking about in your book, In 1/2 wave Tesla coil there the 2 side og L2 are open, it seem to be half wave because the 2 side are open..So in you desgn when the L2 is center tap does it make the same effect?
A:            The center tap You refer to is not fully understood. It is probably the broken dipole referred to by Bearden, which allows the background energy to enter the system. The center tap and Bloch wall are closely related in function. Coils, antennas, capacitors and such are energy pumps reacting to external forces, therefore nonlinear and have the potential to collect energy from the ambient background, when activated by external action. An earth and or air grounding is reguired to complete the energy system. These are essential to magnetic resonance energy sustems.

Q:           The reason why the 1/2 wave interest me very much it is because I am looking for application in Airplane, so there is not Ground up there, in yacht either..I would like to find a way to handle ground somhow…
A:            The metal structure, negative pole of battery and such become the ground in airplanes, boats and such. There is no positive if negative is not present. It’s the equal and opposite concept such that every thing must equal zero, therefore everything equals nothing concept built into all mathematical and physics concepts. That’s why I switched to disturbing the ambient as the source of all useful energy. The disturbed leg in the process of returning to ambient becomes useful energy. Rain on the mountain, returning to sea level turns the water wheel and such.

Q:           About you flat coil system that we see on your site I don’T see very well where is the L1, is it a flat coil ora bifaliar coil so does the amerage is cancel? Look at here pic on this site it seem the the Wye trifilar is working weel at 3 phase.
A:            The wire is DC high amperage AWG # 8 single wire, consisting of multistrands. It works beautifully with high frequency, each of the many strands radiates and multiplies the energy present by both inductance and capacitance.

Q:           Yes but where is the L1? and if we use DC does it still have VAR at L2?
A:            Only the wire is DC type, however it works better than the wire commonly used for AC especially at high frequencies. Input into the L-1 is HV and HF not DC. High Frequencies tend to move on the surface of wires. Many small wires in a single bundle has greater circular mils than a single strand of the same size. The magnetic field is more intense this way and the over unity can then take place.

Suggestions about wire type and size
Magnet wire is single stranded which works against the circular mil’s approach. I have found that multistranded Amp King high amperage DC wire is all around best. AWG #’s 8 and 10 are the one’s I prefer. It’s very flexible and easy to use. GateWay Electronics in St Louis, Denver and Los Angeles sell it. otherwise near impossible to locate. They are on the Internet.
Q:           Do you use 8 and 10 AWG for your secondary coils? I would imagine wire of this gauge would do well for a primary, but secondary coils, when they are used, need to be narrow gauged in order to squeeze the electricity to higher pressures.
A:            In Coils Systems length helps the Voltage and diameter helps the inductance-amperage. If You want functionally useful energy stay away from long and skinny L-2’s. Try something like say L-1 being 10 inches D and L-2 being 8″ D. Say 40 turns of # 8 multistranded Amp King wire for the L-2. Once wound onto the Coil remove it and measure it. Then cut # 10 AWG for the L-1 to one forth the length of the L-2 wire. Think of the wound Coils as antennas so wound for convenience since cut in this manner they are very close to tuned upon construction. Mount the L-1 coil so that it covers the approximate center of the L-2 Coil. This gives a better shot at amperage in the output. The coil will be deadly so be very careful. Tesla coils are normally built to mostly eliminate amperage which based on electron spin right (= magnetic-amperage) and left (= voltage-potential). They should be equal. The magnetic is radiated and mostly wasted, therefore an under unity device. It’s the magnetic flux which converts back into volts. This flux is not diminished and therefore can replicate many times and not be diminished. Any energy spun of from the electron does not diminish the electron in any way. The energy You collect from this action is from the Earth’s Ambient Background and is free except for the collecting Device. The method of collecting Energy is a function of Human ignorance. Otherwise the Energy is Free just like the rain and the fish in the stream. Hint: the Coil works just fine laying on it’s side. It’s also easier to manage.
Q:           is the Amp King #8 multistand wire Litz -ie insulated conductors – or regular, like house wiring?

A:            it’s similar to Litz but no individual wrapping on each multistrand. It’s flexible, plastic coated normally used for high amperage DC, but works beautifully with High frequency AC. I assumed You want a practical Unit which produces Energy which becomes useful upon passing through a diode bridge into a capacitor bank and then through an inverter to useful load. Regular Tesla Coil Transformers don’t produce usable amperage. You can up the amperage by putting ferromagnetic ( soft magnet material ) as the core of the L-2.

Smith about self-sustainable devices

boxThis is the Device from the small Black Suitcase ( Briefcase Size ) presented at the 1996 International Tesla Convention at Colorado Springs, Colorado. Input was 12 V DC at 300 milliamperes and the Output measured by an Electrical Engineer, picked by the audience, was a continuous 120 V at 80 Amperes as Documented in the VCR Tape of the Presentation. You may see a photo of the Device taken at “Inventor’s Week End” and shown to the Audience.

On the Web http://www.nuenergy.org/iw/2001/photos/don8.jpg This is a close relative of Tom Bearden’s Device. However I used a different Coupling System.


In the Attached Snip from ” Drake’s Radio Cyclopedia ( 1929 ) ” , the coupling on the left is Bearden’s and the one on the right is Don Smith’s. It’s obvious from the energy produced as to which is the better ( Don Smith’s ). Also, the Smith Device precedes Bearden by more than 8 years. The Smith Device is self sustainable if desired.

Q:           Don, you posted this msg about the Bearden Patent, and when I go to it, it relates to Boday, a Hungarian person. What is the connection precisely? Have I missed something amongst all the flak over this Bearden stuff?
Date: Fri, 09 Nov 2001 10:48:57 -0600
From: Don Smith <
Subject: Relates to Bearden Patent, CIPO – Patent – 2172240
Canadian Patent Office ” An apparatus in the form of a genetraor with no moving parts for direct conversion of magnetostatic energy of permanent
magnets for production of electricity ” Vz Bearden’s Device.
A:            Stephen, there are two patents which closely resemble the Bearden Patent Application and work using the same principal. Boday has a Canadian Patent among others. I had previously named the Kunel, German Patent and did not at the time remember the Canadian patent number. I constructed more than ten years ago a Device which is an identical twin to the Bearden Device. It produced 120 V at 80 Amps continuously when demonstrated at the International Tesla Society Convention at Colorado Springs, USA before a large audience in 1996. I tried for a US patent, spending lots of money with zero results. At that time the US Patent Office as I were totally ignorant of the German and Canadian Patents. They were fully aware of the fact that My Device worked as stated, but used bureaucratic maneuvering to frustrate My efforts. The Nuenergy “Inventor’s Week End” post has a photograph of some of My Devices including the one of interest.
Q:           During the demonstration, did your device run “stand alone”, or did it require input from the grid? If the latter, then I presume you had difficulties getting it to run stand alone. Could you describe the nature of those problems (if there were any)?
A:            Robin The Device was fully self sustainable once started by a small battery. There were no problems.
Q:           On your web page at http://www.altenergy-pro.com/device09-2.htm,you state that each coil pair produces 1000 V at 50 Amps. That is 50 kW / pair. You have 8 pairs, that should be 8 x 50 = 400 kW altogether. IOW either 8000 V x 50 amps (series connection), or 1000 V x 400 amps (parallel connection). However you state that the output is 8000 V x 400 amps (= 3200 kW). Please explain where the extra 2800 kW (3200 kW – 400 kW) comes from.
A:            Information from ” Drake’s Radio Cyclopedia ” 1929
By: H.P. Manly
Pub: Drake and Co., Chicago, USA
See this System in use at http://www.altenergy-pro.com/device 02.htm
The 02 Device in the 1600’s Chair has three separate coils tuned to the same frequency as the Tesla Coil from the center. A limitless number of separate coils, each duplicate the energy present in the Tesla Coil. This does not draw down or limit in any way the original energy source, however it duplicates fully the source. Magnetic Waves which spin the remote electrons duplicates the original energy source without reducing in any way the source. ( Physics as prescribed by the establishment is 100% wrong ) Feedback from the remote Coils supplies excess energy, some of which can make the Device self sustaining. The 03-2 Device uses the same system for feedback. See upper left end of Device for the dual Coils on a ceramic rod center mount.
See:  http://www.nuenergy.org/iw/2001
Under Don Smith, Photo Row 2 at right end is the Device You question.
The Device was built by me in mid 1980’s from German and Canadian Patents which Tom Bearden recently copied and is patenting. The difference is that I demonstrated mine at the 1996 Tesla Convention. The Device ran during the 3 1/2 hour presentation. At the end the audience was invited to bring their test instruments and check it out. They did so as witnessed by the VCR Taped Presentation. The results were as You know from a 7 ½ Amp Hr., 12 volt battery was 120 Volts at 80 Amperes. Hundreds of People are witness to this. Among other items ran was a bank of 10 100 Watt Light Bulbs.
This was the small black suitcase. Heinrich Kunel of Germany, Patent # DE 3024814 Issued 28 January 1982 .
View @ http://12.espacenet.com/dips/viewer?PN=DE3024814&CY=ep&LG=en&DB=EPD English translation at: http://hometown.aol.com/DMBoss1021/Kunelpatent.html
First Paragraph from that Patent: —–concerns procedures and devices for energy production, which converts magnetic flux without rotary components—- a Large modification of the induced flux electric current—-without torque such a manner that the electric current is strengthened to the n-th number multiplication. The Canadian Patent issued prior to the German Patent is more direct and a better one than the German. At the moment it is misplaced. You now know where Tom Beardens Device came from.
I use Electronic Schematics Simulations Software to check all of My 200 plus devices before I built them. The nonlinear schematic programs here listed clearly show greater output than input when present.
1. VisualSpice Pro V 5.10.OR  http://islandlogix.com/products2.html
2. MICROCAP 7 Ver. 7,  http://www.spectrum-soft.com/index.shtm
3. CircuitMaker V 6.2c telephone # 801-224-0423 Also on Internet.
4. Win VLSI a $5,000. program for free. Undated Berkeley University Spice.
From University of Barcelona, Spain  http://www.cnm.es/~pserra/winvlsi/ More than 40,000 copies of My book “Resonant Magnetic Energy Methods” are in circulation, being translated into all major languages. It has been republished by others and sold world wide. There are 7 different editions out there. More than 12 separate VCR Tapes exist and are sold by numerous unaccounted groups and persons. News Film groups have been here from China, Japan, Australia, Europe, Saudi Arabia, Brazil and others. They sometimes stay for days filming. Sometimes they are only 3-5 hours of filming, then return home. They are always pleased at what they see and have trouble sleeping for weeks after the visit . See my recent response to Michael Couch message 17856 at jlnlabs.  http://groups.yahoo.com/group/jln/messagesfor how locals are handled. Because I don’t roll over and sit when You bark does not mean any disrespect towards You and therefore doesn’t merit the numerous unfounded and meritless diatribes which You hourly bestow upon me. I am extremely busy and do not go around blabbing business secrets. Have a Great Day, Don Smith
See Lycos and then altenergy-pro.com ( 2000 Servers World Wide ). also on Lycos TransWorld Energy.

Spark gap and Metglass

Materials having high magnetic permeability such as METGLAS with Cobalt, check the internet, have magnetic permeability’s several million times that available from congenital industrial transformers. The main function of transformers is changing magnetic flux into useful electrical flux. The spark gap produces millions of times the suspected – recognized magnetic flux and when used with used with the Metglas transformer shows the energy amplification herein indicated. The excess energy obtained is from the Earth’s ambient background, being Tesla’s wheel work of nature. Mass can neither be created or destroyed, only change form. The electron spin mechanism provides an excess as radiated energy, being free energy. What you are seeing here is from an unpublished Patent Application.


Magnetostrictive Oscillator ( Energy from Ambient Background )
All, here is the Ambient Energy Collector Circuit promised ( Don Smith Device – one of many ). The magnetostrictive rod collects energy from the ambient energy background. The piezioelectric characteristics of high magnetic permeability material performs the equivalent functional counterpart of negative resistance. This permits ambient energy present everywhere in the Universe to enter the system. Chasing the electrical side of the equation assures less than 1 COP. Magnetic permeability extends into the millions. Negative resistance is found only in resonate circuits courtesy of magnetic side of the equation.

Magnetic Resonance Power System ( MRPS )
From Schematic previously provided: Construct such that the rod and other componets can easily be intechanged, particularly the rod. As a trigger some trace element such as thorium, cobalt or other should be present. You may want to sinter powders of certain minerals such as tourmaline, certain garnets and substances like those found in early coherer devices. If properly tuned physically the rod should access the earth’s radiation belts frequency ambient energy background. This is diurnal and the rod behaves like a loaded CB antenna ( see ARRL annual ). When all is correct, insert the rod and You will have power, just as Tesla. Enjoy
Q:           What is the optimal approach to step down in usable form the energy coming from magnetostictive system?
A:            From the magnetic field reading You can get an approximation of the energy level present. At that point select the appropriate diodes and switches. If possible allow about twice the required amount for the present power. This should give longevity to your Device. The Bridge You build is to reduce AC to pulsating DC such that temporary energy storage can be had in a capacitor bank and or batteries. Then You need an inverter circuit to regulate the output, such that the load can properly operate.
Q:           Do you think Ring shape rod of Terfeno-D can make the job or we need a full rod?
A:            Tubular shaped would be Ok. To see the effect try stainless steel. Terfenol-D is a giant overkill. Besides that it’s very expensive unless You luck out. Try 1 inch or larger diameter and about 14 inches long. I have several and they were $5500 each.

Reference to magnetostrictive rod material: some forms of stainless steel will work just fine. Have one party who get’s from each watt in an output of 1,000. watts from a stainless steel tube – open ended. This makes the Device very dangerous
Please Post and Repost to All interested Groups
Several People in Eastern Europe ( who I told about this ) got better than 1000 to one greater energy output ( Watts ) than input by wrapping coils on the stainless steel tubes ( thin wall ). If You raise the frequency You can avoid the awful sound. Sparking like a large welding torch is to be expected with huge amounts of energy output. The combination is deadly so be very careful and keep Your distance. That’s the main reason for measuring the magnetic flux as an indication of the energy out put present which is enormous. My invention using the Terfenol-D Rod System is what started this. The Electrical Engineers and University Professors in Eastern Europe ask Me if they could substitute thin walled stainless steel tubing and I told them Yes, not as good but Yes. Instead of > 1000 it goes beyond 10,000 times when input with Terfenol-D. This is My Piezoelectric Generator System. About 8 years ago Norm Wootan at a Tesla Conference has some washer shaped Piezio units which He was selling and I bought some not having the slightest idea as what to do with them. Since they have a capacitive reaction and amplify magnetic energy applied I ended up making a small Cockcroft-Walten System which equaled a huge one. That led to other experiments and the System above described. This is one of several open doors to the Earth’s Ambient Energy as described in My web site altenergy-pro.comIn Chemistry energy left over from a reaction is called Free Energy. So if You insist in Physics, Energy resulting from a Reaction should properly be called Free Energy. After all Coils and Magnets when reacting with each other produce energy from the Earth’s Ambient Background. Problem here is that only the Electrical one half of electromagnetic is acknowledged and this obeys Ohm’s Law. Using the magnetic side You can thumb Your nose at Ohm’s Law. Magnetic Permeability provides for magnetics the same benefit as negative resistance. Why so much intentional stupidity exist in the Physics and Science Departments of the Universities with regards to this is very disturbing.
From Michel Bisson:
Yes it seem that magnetostriction has a pumping effect I experimented this with former stainless steel 316 electrolytic cell that I had in my car, and the result are very important but now I have burn all my voltmeter, so I am waiting for gauss meter and EMF reader that we have ordered yesterday.
I think that it is very strong because on a 450 ampes 1800 volts diode, whe you pass the screw driver around it stick on it.What didn’t happen in the best cases before. I have try several configuration it seem to work the same. I made an experiment , suppose you have 2 Stainless steel pipe one 2 inches dia and the other 3 inches so put one and the other and the middle eelctrode is screw in a PVC cap as isolator..
Then you put one side of the neon transformer on the middle electrode, and you wind a coil all around the 3 inches pipe, and you connect the other side of the NT on on onne side of the coil(10 WG wire speaker), then you but current.. so you wire become pink and you seen it flashing like a Chrismast light and you really see the energy moving like a lightning and it vibrate very soudly. And the extremity of the coil you make continual spaark of 6 inches long looking like a gaz welding torch. I don’t know what are the hard number of energy yet but it seem very strong. But probably it will not be efficient for a long time because of heat, I don’t know yet, but if usingmega-magnetostrive Terfenol-D I think that will make the job, especially the one who is layered it will work at higher frequency. So I am sure that if you use it with center tap conterwind coil related to capacitor and using diode that will reach energy output interesting. The other point is about what happen if using magnetostrictive and contermagnetostrictive material will it oscillate at higher rate and pump even more magnetism?
Please Post and Repost to all Discussion Groups !
1. There are large numbers of people worldwide who’s interest is not offended by information that affects all.
2. Publishing by Me is for the purpose of stimulating interest in related matters. My theory in case You have not noticed is very different than others which are influenced by coat tail hanger one’s and name droppers. What is presented as theory moved from that stage more than 20 years ago. To people who fumble the ball it’s still theory. One does not quote oneself and academia has yet to produce anyone worth quoting in this subject matter. Chemistry Text’s define Free Energy as that Energy available for use after a reaction. Why not then for Physics, have Devices which disturb the ambient background, collecting available energy for use after the reaction ( also Free Energy ). Has anyone noticed that this is exactly what happens with conventional coils and magnet Devices. The Device does not create energy, it only collects it after disturbing the Ambient. ( End Lesson 1 ) Second step as to origin of this background energy, please see altenergy-pro.com . All the Devices ( more than 200 ) built by me, simply disturb the ambient ( background ) and collect from the unbalance ambient the longer leg of either electro or magnetic. Once the field ( or waves ) are established then an appropriate receptor collects any desired amount of energy. There are several helpful doors which allow access to ambient energy. Coils and magnet Systems obey ohms law. The magnetic ½ which is ignored does not bother with ohm’s Law and when resonate ( and regenerative ) builds ( amplifies on it’s own ). Since as any physics book will tell you, magnetic and electrical radiation ( waves ) are at right angles to each other then the collector of the desired ( magnetic ) should be placed as such. Magnetic is then the catalyst which accesses the ambient background and if properly managed is an open door to the energy of the universe. To see this in action one needs a few cheep insturments ( such as a Gauss Meter, ElectroSensor from the web is one such ). It measures from 1.5 to 30 mG. One Gauss from original definition is the magnetic flux equivalent of 100,000. Volts-Watts. You will immediately see that all Devices such as motors, fluorescent Lights and any other such are radiating enormous amounts of energy back into the ambient. This is wasted free energy. Now who possibly could be the winner in such a JWD scheme.
3. Lesson # 2. Other doors include any gaseous tube, spark gaps and such. Gaseous tubes, depending on gas used can yield magnetic waves thousands of times greater than the input. Lord Raleigh’s experiment with Nitrogen in a glass tube with spark gap is an example.  http://www.rexresearch.com/articles/activen.htm Plasma Globes, Plasma Tubes, Mercury Vapor and others are common examples. These are examples of magnetic dipoles as in Tom Bearden’s ( Giant Negathropy ). Collectors placed at right angles to the Dipole have access to the ambient background. See Bearden’s statement on Heaviside Current as relates to Dipole. Locate the magnetic radiation from the magnetic Dipole and place the collector at the proper angle and the rest is history.
4. Just because You are ignorant does not mean that everyone else is more so.
When using electromagnetic resonant flux energy systems, the electro side when used, dies the classic heat death. Not so with magnetic flux systems, which provide the classic amplification demonstrated – found in radio type devices. As the frequency increases the commutative result is a Fibnache multiplication of the energy present. The speed of gravity exceeded, it becomes radioactive, at the higher frequencies the Van Allen magnetic Belt is penetrated and the resonate magnetic flux travels onward through space. Off and on as found in high voltage – high frequency devices provides the required electron spin as the magnetic flux system source. Magnetic Flux Systems are not controlled – contained in the normal sense. Ungrounded transformers when exposed to resonate magnetic flux, change it to the classic useful electrical energy. We see this everyday when the electric power company uses their high voltage – high frequency system in transmitting energy into their distribution system. Typically they use from the source, 100,000 to 500,000 cycles per second, which the down line transformer system changes to the useful energy we recognize. Very high energy loss results from using lower frequencies when transmitting energy. This magnetic flux when transferred up stream by the transformer contains the amplified – greater output than input energy system which is written out of classic physics. J.P. Morgan and Thomas Edison doctored the physics books so that any effort in that direction would be said to violate the natural laws. If this is the case, the classic radio devices ever present could – would not exist. Earth grounding below 20,000 cycles per seconds provides current flow – amperage being volts times amperes, classic Watts.

Smith about lightning and energy
Reminds Me of the hillbilly song looking for love in all the wrong places !
It very obvious that canning lightning bolts is not very productive. Let Us consider other closely related possibilities.
1. Electrical approach is restricted to in the box logic, closed system and underunity.
2. Remember one half the equation is magnetic, which is an open system, not restricted to the normal in the box logic. Proof of this is that magnetic waves travel unimpeded great distances. When they pass through a conductor, flip the local electrons, producing useful electricity. They may pass through many such conductors, repeating the electron flip and continue onward undiminished in any way.
3. The next step is identifying the frequency and occurrence such that one or many resonance units can change the the magnetic waves into useful electricity. Note that the magnetic wave and it’s source is not depleted in any way, but produces useful electrical energy. This is Energy, free for the taking, just as wind turns the windmill.
4. In order to see how this all comes to gather we need first to look at what we already know and then tie
this into a neat bundle. Fist from Physics, conventional style, there is a laboratory experiment wherein a meter length of antenna wire is mounted on a board. A radio frequency, times shorter than the one meter is induced. An LED is used holding one end and touching the other and moved along the antenna wire. As each node, intensification area is touched the LED lights. The energy intensification is the resonance of the particular wave.
5. Now that We know about resonance, how does that relate to collecting naturally occurring energy sources ?
6. The several ionization layers that the Earth has corresponds to the energy intensification described in # 4 above. These
layers are the result of disturbance by shear and slippage as the Earth spins. Their frequency is fingerprinted by the distance they are separated from each other and the distance above the Earth’s surface. Their frequency changes with day and night conditions, but is in an envelope which is consistent. The resonate magnetic waves being emitted work just as all magnetic waves and therefore when passing through conductors which respond to these frequencies flip the local electrons, yielding useful electricity.
7. This huge unending source of resonate magnetic energy translates into a simple source of electricity when properly accessed.
The information herein is repeated many times in My Web Site and Lectures and Books. The Magnetic Resonance Wave Energy from lightning is collectively warped into the Energy Present in the Ionization Layers and is accessed as stated herein.

Various attempts have been made including Gauss and Oersted. Gauss was at day time and Oersted at night. At their European locations, Gauss measured 100,000 Volts and Oersted 50,000 Volts. This is misleading in several ways. In part, the Voltage increase upwards very dramatically from the Earth’s surface. The length of the string used by the contenders in part gave different readings. Electrons are normally pared which their quiescent state makes their net charge neutral. However when resonate – cycling they radiate electro and magnetic flux which by transforming from magnetic changes to electrical, becoming useful energy which we recognize. The Ambient background then is a complex composed of the Plasma Energy condition present every where and available as an endless source available energy. The Engine which provides this is the resonate magnetic Solar Plasma arriving at the Earth. The Ambient Energy Source available then becomes obvious. Devices which excite the Earth’s Plasma field allows a window for seeing this. Based upon ths writer’s the current knowledge base this is 20 Tesla’s and can be expected as being greater.

From a Human standpoint harvesting – mining this Energy becomes the Keystone to preventing their extinction. Methods for doing this known and have been available for more than 100 years. The Problem is Special Interest, not Technology. The past 20 years has be a full time job, undoing the degradation intentional put there by Special Interest. Tapping into and using this Universally available Energy Resource is of Great Importance. This Energy is available to Present Technology through Resonate Magnetic Flux. A Proper Transformer changes the every where available Magnetic Flux into Electrical Flux, becoming useful Energy as know it.

Special Interest teaches from the Lorentz Factor that being equal and opposite that the net energy available is ZERO . Unaccounted for is the Radiant Flux Energy present and available is the Energy Transfer Mechanism. This Freeing of Energy does not in any way diminish the Resonate Electrons Present. Energy excess from a reaction is named FREE ENERGY by Gibbs. Therefor all Electrical Energy is Free Energy until Special Interest Blocks and Claims the Source as Private Property for Gain. There for using the every where present, Resonate Electrons as a Source of this Free Energy is both Logical and Reasonable. This Resonate Radiant Energy comes in two flavors, being Electrical Flux and Magnetic Flux. The Electrical Flux is controlled by Ohm’s Law, resulting in a Heat Death when used. Not so for Resonate Magnetic Flux which Freely Amplifies to Infinity. When captured at the Higher Level and Transformed into Electrical Flux, which is Recognized as Useful Energy. Resonating – Fluxing of these None Ionic Electrons provides Useful Energy. From a Gauss Meter and a Spark Gap using a High Voltage and High Frequency Source the Magnetic Flux available ranges from two to greater than two thousand Gauss. One Gauss is the Magnetic Flux Equivalent of 100,000 Volts of Energy. Self Powered Electrical Devices are then a Reality and only Special Interest Prevents It.

Donald L. Smith , CEO TransWorld Energy Phone / Fax 903 989 2821
Registered Professional Engineer
2009 FM 815
Trenton , Texas 75490

EMAIL CORRESPONDENCE BETWEEN BRUCE AND DON (schematics included but note that it was done by group members
Bruce, A short summary of the testing – four separate units – all identical. 12 Volt input into 2000 Volt module through 12,000. Volt diode bridge into heavy duty capacitor. Positive diode bridge connect only with, negative capacitor open – unattached. With the system working check the output at the negative capacitor. With a proper hookup it accesses an endless energy source. DS

Bruce,The Device in question is the same one I demonstrated at the Tesla convention 5 years ago that caused such a ruckus. The Inverter circuit already has the necessary components required. Disconnect the main diode bridge negative output from the output capacitor bank. Then hook the disconnected negative capacitor to a separate circuit which powers the load and into an adjustable earth grounding. At this point you are tapped into the universal source of endless energy. There is a simple way which does not require the inverter. Any how let me know and will work it out. You already have all the required parts as does most everyone else.
Regards, DS

Bruce, Wipe out 6, 7 and 8 and connect the diode bridge where #6 was. Number one is a tritium battery with half life of 11 years, small size. The output appears to be pulsating DC but is actually high frequency which explains the ill matched light bulbs. Regards, DS

Bruce,The plasma tube device dipole with the capacitor plates at right angle get’s greater than 65,000 times the input. The energy has to be already there to be seen. Special Interest try to discredit this type of observation. Since this is energy from the ambient, is high frequency, use a diode bridge with the negative plate as an open circuit. The capacitor transformer opens the door to an endless source of useful energy. I successfully built the device here described. The operation will be Tuesday. Regards, D.S.

The inverter can be done away with by using a capacitive transformer and a variable earth connection!!

I have several custom built pancake transformers, one with 3 layers high, each cable being approximately one inch diameter multi-stranded welding cable. Using a 20,000 Volt – 200 Ampere diode bridge resulted vaporization of the bridge. This was with input of 14 Watts. The amplification factor of the resonant magnetic flux is very large. Electrical flux dies a heat death and only degrades – attenuates.

Concerning radiated energy, from my view, there are three types of related radiant energy being – – -1. Electro flux subject to heat death =’s hot.

2. Magnetic flux =’s which does not obey Ohm’s Law and the effect is cooling or cold.

3. Gravity – flux reaction of mass to or from mass. All three are – depend on the electron spin mechanism.

When electrons are spun they radiate flux, being electro and magnetic. The electro dies a heat death when used. Not so for the magnetic which can be amplified to infinity, radiating through space as common radio transmission.

There are two kinds of energy [electro and magnetic] when used electric when earth grounded dies the classic heat death , how ever resonate magnetic flux is everywhere present throughout the universe, for example it’s the source which spins the Earth at 1,000 miles per hour. Since the weight of the Earth is known, the energy required to do this is known. This Energy is the Ambient Background everywhere present. Next step, transformers change magnetic flux into electrical flux which is useful energy. I have gone FAR, FAR beyond this stage and am already where you will be in about 20 years if you truly understand what you are doing.

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